Leah Remini Defends ‘Kevin Can Wait’ Season Premiere After Erinn Hayes’ Character Is Killed Off


The star took to Twitter and engaged with disappointed fans over the casting shake-up.

Last week's season premiere of Kevin Can Wait briefly addressed the sudden absence of Kevin James' character's wife, Donna, played by Erinn Hayes.

News of Hayes’ exit came in June, when CBS shared that her character would die offscreen between the first and second seasons, with Leah Remini being promoted to a series regular in season two.

Reaction was mixed to both the news and the way the show handled Hayes' character's death in a few off-hand mentions throughout the premiere.

But Remini defended the show on Twitter, responding to critical tweets with humor and honesty.

Another called her "classless" for seemingly ousting Hayes, to which she shot down that notion with a few reasons, including, "real things are going on in the world."

She also addressed the questions many have about how Hayes' character died on the show. "I don't know honey," she wrote to one fan. "I don't write or produce the show. But it's a good idea to answer that in the future."


Remini also stood up for Hayes when some dismissed her departure as a good thing.

"She is lovely and funny. And I was looking forward to working with her again" the 47-year-old star wrote. "She is on another show on amazon. So blessings to us all."

The casting of Remini reunites her with her longtime King of Queens co-star, James. When ET sat down with the pair before the season two premiere, Remini described her chemistry with her former on-screen hubby as "like riding a bike."

For more on the Remini and James reunion, watch the video below!