'Legacies' Sneak Peek: Twins Lizzie and Josie Get Punished for Football Brawl by Dad Alaric (Exclusive)

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It's time for Alaric Saltzman to lay down the law when it comes to his daughters, Lizzie and Josie.

After getting in a brawl during the charity football game in last week's Legacies episode, the Saltzman twins are getting punished for their behavior. In ET's exclusive clip for Thursday's episode, "We're Being Punked, Pedro," Alaric tells his daughters that they will have to do community service as a penalty. Lizzie, however, has something to say about the matter.

"Can I at least offer a rebuttal in my defense if it pleases the court?" asks Lizzie in the clip above, before pleading her case. "First of all, I was provoked. My response was totally proportional considering the levels of abuse that I was forced to endure. And secondly, if anyone should take the blame, it's Josie."

"Nice job throwing your sister under the bus," chimes in Hope Mikaelson, who Alaric tells will also be participating in the punishment. "I wasn't even at the game. Why am I being punished?"

Alaric then turns to Hope and says, "You know what you did," as Lizzie begins to smile. Watch the clip above.

Legacies Matthew Davis as Alaric, Jenny Boyd as Lizzie, and Kaylee Bryant as Josie
Miller Mobley/The CW

ET previously spoke with Kaylee Bryant, who portrays Josie, about how the twins deal with their father's relationship with Hope and the jealousy that stems from it.

"Hope has kind of formed a father-daughter relationship with Alaric. So there is a push and pull there of who gets the most attention, and there is a lot of jealousy," Bryant explained. "But Josie is a much more forgiving person than her sister is. That is definitely something that the fans will see grow and it’ll go back and forth, for sure."

"Lizzie’s way of getting Alaric’s attention is by acting out and by doing all she can to get his attention, whereas Josie’s way of getting Alaric’s attention is by not getting his attention because by getting his attention she’s in trouble," she added.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.


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