Lena Dunham Reveals Why She's Still Wearing the Ring Jack Antonoff Gave Her

lena dunham jack antonoff
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The pair revealed their split on Monday after five years of dating.

Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff may have broken up, but she's keeping a piece of their relationship with her. 

The Girls star revealed on Instagram live on Tuesday that she still wears a ring that Antonoff gave her because she doesn't see their split as an "end." In fact, she called their love "eternal." 

"I'll always wear [it] because love is a really cool, eternal, powerful, eternal thing," she explained. "It doesn't have to be defined the way we, in Western culture, define it -- as beginning and ends. Things can be, 'You're a drop of water and you reenter the ocean.'" 

"I really love you all. I'm really thankful for the support. I'm really thankful for the love," she added. 

Dunham's rep confirmed to ET on Monday that she and the 33-year-old musician had gone their separate ways after five years of dating -- though the pair's breakup was "amicable." 

See more on the split in the video below.