Letitia Wright Responds to Backlash After Questioning COVID-19 Vaccine

Letitia Wright
David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

'My intention was not to hurt anyone,' the actress wrote.

Letitia Wright is speaking out after upsetting some fans. The 27-year-old Black Panther actress faced backlash when she shared a video on Twitter that questioned the COVID-19 vaccine.

Wright has since deleted her tweet with the video, which she had captioned with only the prayer hands emoji. According to Variety, YouTube has removed the video Wright linked to for violating its terms of service.

The outlet reports that the more than hour-long video Wright shared, which was posted to YouTube channel On The Table, featured Tomi Arayomi questioning the COVID-19 vaccine and climate change. Arayomi also accused China of spreading the virus and made transphobic comments, the outlet reports.

"If you don’t conform to popular opinions, but ask questions and think for yourself....you get cancelled," Wright wrote amid backlash.

When one fan wrote that people "are going to make an example out of" Wright, the actress responded by tweeting, "Make an example out of me for asking if something is right for my body before taking it. Interesting world we live in."

Wright, who responded to multiple fans who tweeted her criticisms, also wrote, that her "intention was not to hurt anyone." 

"My ONLY intention of posting the video was it raised my concerns with what the vaccine contains and what we are putting in our bodies," she wrote. "Nothing else."

Wright has since deleted both her Twitter and Instagram accounts.