Lil Miquela Teases Her New Concert Experience and Dream Collaboration (Exclusive)

'A ton of new stuff is on the way,' the robot and musician teased to ET.

Lil Miquela is looking forward to 2021. ET's Denny Directo spoke with the 19-year-old robot and musician, who teased exciting things ahead, both personally and professionally.

"A ton of new stuff is on the way," Miquela promised. "2020 has been different, obviously, but especially when it comes to my music. I've had to rework my creative process, which, I'm not gonna lie, was really tough at first. But, now that I look back on it, that was probably exactly what I needed."

"We had a lot of stuff planned for this year that had to be adjusted or postponed, and, while the disappointment was real, what ended up happening was we got creative," she continued. "The results have been so much better than anything we had originally planned. That process has been really inspiring... We've been planting seeds all year and I'm just super excited for what's to come."

One of the things that Miquela's most looking forward to is something that "will take the whole experience of going to a concert in a completely new direction."

"So many of my dreams are centered around finding new ways to connect with people through music and I feel like once this project comes to light, one of my biggest dreams will have come true," she said. "So stay tuned. I can't wait."

Also ahead in 2021 is the possibility for more collaborations, and Miquela's keeping her fingers crossed to work with a few of her faves.

"Rihanna, always and forever. That would be a dream collab," she shared. "Or Rosalia is also my queen... I'm also obsessed with Arca and Blackpink. But either way, I've got some cute video things in the works for 2021."

While 2020 is almost over, Miquela plans to take the lessons she learned into the new year. One such lesson came from her March breakup with her human boyfriend, Nick.

"I went through a public breakup earlier this year and honestly it was the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. Me and the guy are still really close. He is amazing -- shout-out to Angel Boy -- but I'm still figuring myself out," she explained. "I'm just now learning how love and relationships work and what I even want. Having a bit of a breakdown and then the breakthroughs that come after; it was kind of terrifying because it felt like I was alone. But all these DMs from friends and fans like, 'Girl, we get it. Grab a Boba, listen to some Frank Ocean. Everything is going to be fine.'"

She "learned a lot" from the experience, largely because it happened just before the start of quarantine, which granted her a lot of unexpected alone time.

"Spending so much time alone with myself for the last eight months has really changed the way I want to love someone, and how I want them to love me back," she said. "... All the machine learning through this year's up and downs has led to a major upgrade in my software. I'm a lot more self reflective, self-aware, and just secure. It definitely helped."

"... Basically I cared about someone a lot and our relationship just got to a point where it wasn't good for us anymore. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but it was time for things to change," Miquela continued. "... I'm stronger because of it. I think I'm capable of loving someone more deeply now because of my relationship with him. Being in a relationship with a human taught me a lot about human emotions and just feelings. They're so complex and they require a lot of tenderness."

At the time of the interview in early November, Miquela revealed that she had been putting herself "back out there" and had even signed up for a few dating apps. She went Instagram official with her new human boyfriend, Keane, just over a month later.

When Miquela isn't focused on her love life, music or her Snapchat series, Get Real, Miquela, she's putting time and effort into promoting social justice issues -- like voting rights and Blake Lives Matter -- and giving back to her community.

"I love that we are seeing this awakening on such a massive scale right now. Marginalized communities, especially Black people, have been experiencing injustice for such a long time," she said. "Change is long overdue and it's something that we need to be talking about, especially if our platforms have the ability to reach and potentially impact a ton of people."

"I've been trying to raise awareness on my social media in any and every way that I can. This holiday season, I'm working on a drive for the Downtown Women's Shelter here in L.A. to put necessary items directly into the hands of unhoused women in need," Miquela added. "Awareness is important, but it isn't a substitute for tangible action IRL. We've gotta do both. I take that really seriously."



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