Lil Nas X Says He's Found 'Someone Special': 'I Think This Is the One'

Lil Nas X's love life is thriving.

Lil Nas X's love life is thriving. The 22-year-old singer covers Variety's Power of Young Hollywood issue and reveals that he's found someone special in his life.

Nas talks candidly with the outlet about his bold career choices, the controversy surrounding him, as well as his journey to coming out. Nas says he encountered homophobia growing up, which "bred a lot of self-hate," but that it also made him stronger.

"Once I was 17 or 18, I finally accepted it -- like, for sure accepted it, slowly, more and more -- and now I've grown into a person that is 100 percent open with it," he says about his sexuality, before revealing that he's currently dating someone and may have found "the one."

"I've had some good boyfriends and some bad ones," he notes. "A lot of them were emotionally unavailable or had a lot of insecurity and whatnot. I've found someone special now. I think this is the one. I can't explain it -- it's just a feeling."

Heather Hazzan for Variety

During the interview, Nas talks about pushing the envelope with his new music and art. His highly anticipated first album, Montero, will be out before the end of the summer.

"Honestly, I believe the pandemic helped me get out of the idea of trying to please everybody, and the idea of 'He's a cool gay person; he's an acceptable gay person,'" he says. "I used to see things like that as a compliment, but it's not. It just means you're a people pleaser, and they never become legends. I wanted to be even more authentic in my music and let people into my life. I'm much more confident now -- in my music, myself, my sexuality, the things that I believe that I stand for."

But it hasn't come without a price. After his single "Montero (Call Me by Your Name)" came out -- with its accompanying music video featuring him giving Satan a lap dance -- he said there were times where he felt unsafe.

"There was literally someone who chased my car a few days after that video came out, yelling, 'F**k you!' or something," he shares. "And that's when I actually started getting security."

Still, Nas' career is showing no signs of slowing down and music is definitely his priority -- so much so that he turned down a role in HBO's popular series Euphoria starring Zendaya.

"I was actually going to do Euphoria, but I didn't want to take time away from finishing my album," he reveals. "I definitely want to get into acting, but I feel I have to give it my all, and I want to focus on music for right now. I want my first movie to be amazing."