Lily James Dances a Seductive Waltz in Amazon's 'The Pursuit of Love' First Look (Exclusive)

Andrew Scott, Emily Beecham and Dominic West also star in the British romantic drama series.

Lily James is on a Pursuit of Love.

The British romantic drama, based on the 1945 novel by Nancy Mitford, follows the friendship between cousins Linda (James) and Fanny (Emily Beecham), which is put to the test when Fanny settles for a steady life and Linda decides to follow her heart in their hunt for the ideal husband. As social and political divisions split the nation in between two World Wars, their diverging choices raise personal questions that remain relevant today -- questions about freedom, love and sex and the mystery of the human heart.

In ET's exclusive sneak peek from the miniseries, written and directed by Emily Mortimer, Linda is swept away -- literally -- at a fancy ball by a suitor. But the wealthy, arrogant man she seductively waltzes with catches the eye of many and not for good reason. For one thing, he's from a banking family and his ancestral history is, well, complicated, as Fanny narrates.

Even as they gossip behind Linda's back while she enjoys her slow dance, whatever red flags that have been raised about her suitor don't appear to faze her. Watch the rest of the scene above to see what happens next.

Andrew Scott, Dominic West and Mortimer also star in the three-part series.

The Pursuit of Love drops Friday, July 30 on Amazon Prime Video.