Lindsay Arnold Shares Her Pregnancy Beauty Routine, Cravings and More (Exclusive)

Lindsay Arnold Pregnancy

ET exclusively spoke with the pregnant 'DWTS' pro, who is sitting this season out.

Dancing With the Stars premiere night is looking a little different for Lindsay Arnold this year.

Instead of competing, the 26-year-old dancer -- who is expecting her first child, a baby girl, with husband Sam Cusick -- will be cheering on her fellow pros from the comfort of her living room couch when season 29 kicks off Monday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 

But before the dance competition begins, Lindsay is giving ET an exclusive update on her pregnancy journey, detailing everything from her everyday beauty routine to cravings and more. Check out our Q&A below!

Entertainment Tonight: Hi Lindsay, we all can't wait to meet your baby girl this November! What are you most looking forward to when it comes to motherhood?

Lindsay Arnold: One of my favorite things about my own parents is that they have always been my number one biggest fans in anything I have ever wanted to do. I cannot wait to give that same support and love to my daughter, watch her find her way in this world and be there to guide her along her journey. It blows my mind that my body is literally creating a human inside of me! Women are pretty remarkable and I am just so grateful to have this experience. I am also just so amazed at the insane amount of love I feel for this little human that I haven't even met yet.


How has your beauty routine changed since becoming pregnant?

I would say the biggest thing is that I'm wearing a lot less makeup. I think that naturally happened because right when I found out I was pregnant, quarantine began, and that's pretty much been my entire pregnancy. So naturally I wasn't getting as dolled up as much and honestly it's been the best thing for my skin. Through pregnancy I also feel like my skin has changed a lot so not wearing as much makeup as helped it kind of settle. 

But I will say there is one go-to product that I've been using this entire pregnancy to kind of replace my foundation. It's a little more lightweight. It is the TULA face filter blurring and moisturizing primer. This is pretty much like a tinted moisturizer. I put this on pretty much every day because it's not only good for your skin but it helps give that glow and maybe cover up a little bit of uneven skin tone. That's kind of been the only thing I'll put on my face if I'm doing a full makeup look.

Have you had any pregnancy-related skin issues or changes?

The biggest change is that my face has been very dry. I normally didn't have to put on that intense of a moisturizer but [now] I feel like it's constantly peeling and I'm so grateful that I found these incredible products, they are my go-tos. First one is the Volition Beauty Celery Green Cream. My awesome friend Nastia Liukin actually did this partnership with them. I love it, I put it on every single day. It's good because it's not oil-based, so I don't get greasy or have breakouts. Then, a couple nights a week I'll use my LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask. That's been a lifesaver as well! 

What are your go-to products to help with belly hydration and to prevent stretch marks?

I have been relying on and loving Evereden's products for this! This is something going into pregnancy I was concerned about and something I feel like a lot of people don't talk about because it's kind of something you don't want to have happen. I'm really grateful I found Evereden because they're all clean, natural products that are good for you -- safe for you and your baby.

I have been using their Golden Belly Serum. First of all, it smells delicious, and it feels so good on your skin. When you're pregnant, you don't want to do anything that doesn't feel good, so this is great. I enjoy it. They also have this awesome, soothing belly mask which has been incredible.  

Are there any beauty-related items that you're avoiding during pregnancy? Or anything new you've learned about beauty during this time?

I have become way more aware of making sure that I'm using clean ingredients and that what I'm putting on my skin is not just safe for me, but my baby as well. I want to make sure everything is non-toxic. I'm definitely going to continue to do that even after pregnancy.

Let's talk about cravings! Any weird ones yet?

In my first trimester all I wanted to eat was cold fresh foods like salads, fruits, veggies, etc and if you know me, this is very odd! I am definitely more of a carb kinda gal so that was for sure different. My go-to craving as of late has been peaches! I am obsessed and constantly on the hunt for yummy, fresh peaches. I have been making a lot of fresh peach shakes for my desserts lately. 

What about Sam? Is he having any of these same cravings? 

Ever since I got pregnant I have been way more into cooking! I never really did that before, so my husband has been loving that. Naturally, whatever I am craving is what I cook for dinner, so he is definitely right there with me with those peach shakes every night, LOL. But I don't think he minds!

Of course, being pregnant amid the ongoing coronavirus can't be easy. How does it feel being a mother-to-be right now?

I found out I was pregnant right at the start of COVID-19, and it definitely was a bit scary, especially since there was so much unknown. I am grateful for my husband and family who have helped me stay positive and sane through it all.

Have you reached out to anyone from Dancing With the Stars, or Hollywood, for any advice?

I talked a lot with Peta Murgatroyd before even getting pregnant and she was such a great person to go to for advice. It is such a huge step in life, and for me, it would directly affect my career for a little while. So hearing from Peta about how much she loves being a mom, and also seeing her come back to work [on DWTS] and being stronger than ever after having her son [Shai]... it helped me realize that it is totally possible to be an awesome mom and also have a successful career.

Well, your BFF and fellow DWTS pro Witney Carson is also pregnant right now! How have you guys been keeping in touch throughout this journey?

YES! We are always in touch and keeping up with each other. We're both currently living in our home state of Utah so I have actually been able to see her a couple times. It has been so fun sharing our journeys together. She is going to be an incredible mother and I cannot wait for our kids to be friends and to grow up together like we did.

Additional reporting by Kristen Gill.