Lindsay Hubbard 'Shocked' to Find Romance in 'Winter House,' Talks Jason Cameron and Austen Kroll (Exclusive)

'Summer House' star Lindsay Hubbard dishes on all the romance that unfolded inside 'Winter House' and where things stand now.

Romance, activated! Lindsay Hubbard admits she was "shocked" to find a little bit of love while filming Winter House earlier this year in Stowe, Vermont.

"I was personally shocked that I met Jason [Cameron]," Lindsay confesses to ET over Zoom, speaking of the model who seemingly won her heart during the 17-day vacation with her Summer House co-stars as well as her pals, Craig Conover and Austen Kroll, from Southern Charm

"I did not ever expect to go into that situation ever. I just thought I was going to go, like, hang out in the snow with my friends, and I did not expect to meet somebody in the process whatsoever," Lindsay says. "So I think that was probably the most shocking for me, is actually finding a guy and it being this beautiful, amazing, nice guy at that."

"He was all of a sudden there for me and I was like, 'Whoa, where did this guy come from?'" she recalls.

Lindsay's first impression of Jason was, "Holy smokes! This guy is hot," but he really won her over with a simple gesture: a sandwich (of sorts), which fans of Summer House are sure to find funny, given her history of arguing over the food.

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"I think he fed me a burger and I was like, 'OK, who are you?' And, 'We can be friends,'" she cracks. Lindsay confirms that her and Jason's fling flowed out into the real world, with the pair continuing to date once they got back to New York City from their mountain getaway. Where they stand now is to be revealed. 

"All I'm going to say to you is that I am happy right now," she ekes out when asked. It's a sentiment she repeated to ET last week (after this Zoom interview was conducted), while attending the release party for Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives From the People That Lived It with Summer House co-star Carl Radke. Lindsay and Carl previously dated, and have recently sparked reconciliation rumors after being spotted out and about together, and appearing coupled up on Instagram. When pressed on whether they're together again, though, Lindsay plays coy. 

"Um... no, there's nothing that we want to say about it," she offers, with Carl jumping in to add, "Obviously, we're very tight. ... We're in a good place." Lindsay goes on to echo him with, "All love and support." Whatever their status (or non-status) turns out to be is likely to be revealed on Summer House's sixth season, which premieres next year.

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"Maybe you'll hear more about it in early 2022," Lindsay says of her love life. "A lot has changed within relationships, obviously, we all sort of see the news and the Instagrams, as far as where everyone's at and their status of their relationship ... [and] being able to include some of our Winter House friends in the Summer House, I think you'll be able to see when the new season premiers next year."

Complicating Lindsay's love life a bit is Austen, the Southern Charm star who's become her Bravo BFF off-camera. Winter House is the first time fans will see their relationship onscreen, with the trailer teasing a drunken confession of love from Lindsay to Austen.

"I was so drunk on Fireball," Lindsay reveals. "That was my first night there and I just went balls to the wall, literally, on Fireball -- and Austen and I, which I think is a tribute to our friendship, we have been best friends for over three years and we kind of kept it under wraps. We've obviously never felt the need to promote our friendship in any public platform."

"As with any best friends, we have interesting moments where we get drunk and say wild stuff to each other, or we get in arguments, or we try to help each other out and be there for each other," she continues. "So, I think it'll be interesting for you to see that friendship and what happens between us. And by the way, I will say, I'm not the only one in this friendship that gets drunk and says wild things to the other one."

Lindsay discloses that she and Austen have crossed the line from friends into something more (maybe something with benefits), but never officially dated. Winter House was the first time they were both single at the same time, with Lindsay fresh out of her relationship with Stephen 'Stravy' Traversie, and Austen finally calling it quits with Madison LeCroy.

"I think you'll learn more about that history," Lindsay says. "So although the lines can be blurred -- and they do get blurred between us, because sometimes you're like, 'I don't know... do I love him as a friend or do I love him as more than that?' -- it's confusing when you do have those strong friendships between male and female."

"I always found that, with Austen and I, we have such a strong friendship that it is a little scary to blur those lines," she reiterates, "and then we get drunk and say stuff and forget what we said the next morning. We're like, 'What did we say? What did we do?'"

Lindsay suspects she'll learn a thing or two about all her friendships by watching back Winter House. The cast hasn't been shy about the fact that it was a wild, two-and-a-half week adventure mostly seen through beer goggles. On top of that, Lindsay agrees with the suggestion that Winter House just might be the horniest series in Bravo history. "I don't know why, we were just all excited to flirt and be single together," she muses. 

The premiere episode (which Lindsay was MIA for, as she showed up to the house on day three/for episode two) ended with multiple makeout sessions going down in the hot tub. One of those sessions was between Austen and Lindsay's Summer House housemate, Ciara Miller. Lindsay says the hookup didn't surprise her, though.

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"I mean, Austen's a lover and Ciara is a beautiful, stunning girl, so I'm not surprised at all," Lindsay shares. "I also just know Austen had just recently got out of a relationship ... so I know that, for him, he's not looking for anything serious and I'm not surprised that he goes for the prettiest girl."

Lindsay does disclose that Austen and Ciara's thing "of course" complicates her relationship with both castmates, calling it "intimidating" both ways, as she knows her close bond with the Kings Calling Brewing Co. founder can be a lot for outsiders to take in or take on. What ensues is a bit of a love triangle, or quadrangle, seeing as Madison seemingly reenters the chat briefly -- she's now engaged to someone else -- which has confounded viewers and co-stars alike. As Paige DeSorbo remarks in the trailer, "Let me get this right: Three girls fighting over Austen Kroll? Just confused." 

"It also does bother me that Austen sometimes gets a bad rap because I find him to be so much fun," Lindsay offers to those who constantly question the Southern Charm-er. "He is highly intelligent. He's a family man -- he is very close with his parents and his sister, I'm close with his sister -- and anytime I'm with him we can talk about things in absolute depth, or we can just be silly and have fun and I think, for me, that is the appeal to Austen."

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"I can talk to him for hours and hours on the phone about anything, political or about space or the environment, and then I can also talk to him about very surface level stuff," she adds. "Austen does get a bad rep sometimes for being an f-boy, or a playboy, I guess you could say, but what is he supposed to do? He's single! He's experimenting and dating, just like I am. So I guess you have to call me an f-girl if that's the case. But I love hanging out with Austen and I think, you guys watching Winter House will be able to see more of that fun, loving side to him that you haven't necessarily been able to see of him on Southern Charm, because he's stuck under the thumb of a relationship that was perhaps toxic."

With the worlds of Summer House and Southern Charm now fully converged, Bravo has the makings of a Marvel Cinematic Universe of its own. While Lindsay won't say for certain that the shows are crossing over full-time (she only says there's "plenty of opportunities" for her to go to Charleston, South Carolina, where Southern Charm films), it's clear that these casts are beyond intertwined. Craig and Paige recently went official with their relationship, and fans have even spotted Paige filming season season 8 in Charleston.

"I think they're perfect for each other," Lindsay gushes. "I think they're really cute together. He's really cute with her, she's really giddy around him and I also think they have similar personalities, so it works for them."

Viewers may be disappointed to learn, however, that they likely won't see sparks fly between Paige and Craig on Winter House, seeing as he was still with his ex-girlfriend, Natalie Hegnauer, at the time, and Paige was pursuing something with newcomer Andrea Denver.

"There was obviously a lot going on in Vermont, between the activities and the people coupling up with each other and the drama and whatnot," Lindsay notes. "So it's hard to really pick up on, 'Oh, is this going to work? Is that going to work?' But Craig had a girlfriend while we were in Vermont, and he was a good boy. He was very respectful towards that relationship and it was hard to pick up on if he was actually flirting with anyone because he was in a relationship."

As for what fans can look forward to in the coming weeks, Lindsay promises a whole lot of fun... and of course, Fireball.

"[You'll see] the ability to not sleep and you drink every night and then wake up and go do crazy activities," she laughs. "I think it'll be pretty clear who is used to mountain sports and who is not, and I don't know what might be."

Winter House airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.