Lindsie Chrisley Says Parents Were 'Welcomed With Open Arms' to Prison, Fellow Inmates Have Seen Reality Show

The 33-year-old podcaster opens up about Todd and Julie Chrisley's incarceration as they serve time on fraud and tax evasion charges.

Lindsie Chrisley says her parents are making the best of their time served. During a new episode of The Southern Tea, the 33-year-old podcast host opened up about the family's experience in the wake of Todd and Julie Chrisley's conviction in a federal tax evasion and fraud case

"You want to be strong and tell them everything's going to be fine, even though you're questioning if everything's going to be fine," she confessed. "One of my biggest concerns was the access to televisions... Like, do you think people have seen Chrisley Knows Best that are serving time in these camps? And simply the answer, I know now, is yes." 

She continued, "My parents were welcomed with open arms. I feel so blessed with that because I have heard of other people reporting that not being the case." 

Lindsie's latest remarks came in conversation with author and prison consultant Justin Paperny as part of a larger discussion on prison reform, conditions inside the facilities, and the sentencing of white collar crimes. 

"My dad never surrendered himself to the federal prison camp in Pensacola thinking that he was going to a Taj Mahal," Lindsie said. She added that Todd's spirits are high and that "he looks very, very good." 

"I couldn't stop telling him how great he looked," she said of a recent visit. "I said, 'Even your hair looks better a little bit longer and a little bit grayer.' His nails aren't completely bitten off." 

"I know for sure he is in such a better place," she continued. "His spirits are great. He is really just embracing the process there, making the best of the process there with the people that are also there serving time with him. He's made great friends. He talks about his friends there." 

After expressing a degree of relief, Lindsie revealed that she does still have some concerns regarding her parents' mental health.

"In one of my first emails to my dad, I asked him -- because they were both very active in therapy and talked about that on their podcast and shared with their listeners their journey with therapy and that whole process," she said. "I asked him, 'Are there any mental health services that you have access to?' And I can't get a direct answer from him."

Todd and Julie were indicted in 2019, and more than two years later, both were convicted following a three-week trial.

Todd, who is serving a 12-year prison sentence, reported to Federal Correctional Institute Pensacola in Florida on Jan. 17. Less than a week later, he received a visit from Lindsie and his mother, Nanny Faye.

Initially, Todd and Julie were both going to report to prisons in Florida and be only two hours away from each other, but Julie was instead sent to Federal Medical Center Lexington in Lexington, Kentucky. She is currently behind bars serving a seven-year sentence.