Lindy Chamberlain Speaks Out in Docuseries About 'Dingo's Got My Baby' Case: Watch the Trailer

'Trial in the Outback' chronicles the events surrounding the 1980 murder case that became an international media sensation.

The latest must-see true crime documentary is the three-part Sundance Now and AMC+ series, Trial in the Outback: The Lindy Chamberlain Story, which reexamines the 1980 case about a mother convicted of murdering her baby girl despite claims that a dingo took her. Ahead of its October debut, ET has the exclusive first trailer for the docuseries, in which Chamberlain herself speaks out about the case and her long-awaited exoneration. 

Chamberlain, now known as Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, first made headlines when she claimed a dingo killed her 9-week-old daughter, Azaria Chamberlain, during a trip to the Australian Outback. Despite her steadfast claims about the wild dog, and even evidence supporting her story, Chamberlain was found guilty of her daughter’s murder while her husband, Michael, was convicted of being an accessory in the crime. 

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Maintaining her innocence, Chamberlain filed several appeals from prison, but it wasn’t until the discovery of new evidence in 1986 that she was released. And despite eventually being acquitted in the case, she’s spent decades having to defend herself in one of Australia’s most notorious miscarriages of justice.

Decades later, Chamberlain is telling her side of the story in the case that many now only know for the famous quote, “A dingo’s got my baby,” which she said at the time. “The thought came into my mind, ‘You are going to prison,’” she says, looking back on the investigation. 

Directed by Mark Joffe and written by Francine Finnane, Trial in the Outback: The Lindy Chamberlain Story is narrated by Sam Neill, who portrayed Michael opposite Meryl Streep as Lindy in the 1988 film Evil Angels

Trial in the Outback: The Lindy Chamberlain Story premieres Oct. 12 on Sundance Now and AMC+. (We may receive an affiliate commission if you subscribe to a service through our links.)

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