Lisa Vanderpump Jokes About Getting 'Off With Their Head' Revenge on 'RHOBH' Co-Stars (Exclusive)

In the meantime, the restaurateur can mess around with her SUR staff… in video game form! Yes, 'Vanderpump Rules' is now an app.

Lisa Vanderpump is always animated, now it’s just a bit more literal.

The Bravo star and her SUR-vers star as avatars in a new Vanderpump Rules-themed mobile game, part of the just-launched Series: Your Story Universe app. Fans can interact with their favorite cast members, including Vanderpump herself, as they move through the choose your own adventure-style experience. Think Kim Kardashian Hollywood, but with your favorite Bravo-lebrities.

"As long as I'm taller, thinner, younger, I don't care," Vanderpump says of letting her image be used for the game, joking that she "signed my life away years ago" when she first signed up for reality TV. For Vanderpump, the game is the ultimate compliment -- it’s the only reality show, for now, in the app.

"You can come in, get a job at [my restaurant,] SUR," she explains. "You can make choices, maybe not like you know, James Kennedy or Kristen [Doute], you can make your own choices! And it's a lot of fun. So, yeah, we're in great company. They created apps for Xena the Warrior Princess and Bridesmaids and Saved by the Bell, so I think it's a compliment for Vanderpump Rules."

"I think people will enjoy it," she adds. "Because the show's been on so long, and they're invested in the emotional life and dynamics of the cast, and the family, so to speak, I think they'll kinda know what choices to make."

ET spoke with Vanderpump and her Pump Rules co-stars, Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval, at SUR back in March, where the trio shot an add for app. Vanderpump got to live out a bit of a fantasy in the spot, controlling Madix and Sandoval’s reactions. Check it out here:

Now that the game’s out, Vanderpump might mess around with her cast a bit more, in digital form.

“An ‘off with their head!'-type of thing?” she jokes. “Yeah, OK, why not? Well, I might do that on my other show, if you know what I mean.”

Of course, Vanderpump is referencing her falling out with her entire Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast in the wake of "puppygate." She hasn’t spoken to most of the women on that show in months due to the drama involving a dog that Dorit Kemsley adopted from her rescue center, and likely won’t interact with them until they become video game characters… which isn’t exactly in the works. So, for now, she’s happy sticking to the Pump Rules gang, both IRL and on the phone. Madix and Sandoval will definitely be playing, too.

"It's really weird and also really cool," Madix admits of becoming a video game character. "I am an avid iPhone game player, I download new games all the time and play them, so it's kind of crazy that now I'm in a game?"

"I can make opposite choices of what I would make in real life, 'cause there's no consequences," she notes.

"I'm excited to refer to myself in third person and not have Lala [Kent] be the only one," Sandoval quips. "You know, 'Tom's killing it at the bar!'"

"I'm just curious how it all plays out," Madix says. "Like, how much money am I gonna end up spending in the game?"

Series: Your Story Universe is available for download in the App Store and through Google Play now. Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.