Lisa Vanderpump Takes Fans Inside Her Rescue on 'Vanderpump Dogs' -- Watch the Trailer!

Lisa Vanderpump Vanderpump Dogs

The show debuts June 9 on Peacock.

Lisa Vanderpump is taking fans inside her dog rescue. The trailer for the reality star's latest series, Vanderpump Dogs, dropped on Thursday, showcasing exactly what goes into her namesake foundation. 

The rescue center was founded in 2016 with the goal of reinventing the image of a dog shelter from a pound to a palace, and doing everything the Vanderpump way. Vanderpump Dogs rescues, rehabilitates, primps and pampers dogs in need of a loving forever home.

"It's not about just finding somebody attractive across the bar. This isn't a one night stand. This is a lifelong relationship," Vanderpump says in the trailer. "I couldn't have asked for anything better." 

Each episode of the Peacock series will follow the people who come to the foundation to adopt their forever friend, the employees, the adorable pups, and Vanderpump herself -- all with a dose of comedy, a dash of drama, and a whole lot of heart, the streaming service promises. 

Watch the trailer below. 

In a March interview with ET, Vanderpump opened up about keeping herself busy amid the coronavirus pandemic -- and offered a "big shout-out" to her staff at Vanderpump Dogs. 

"A big shout-out and thank you to everybody at Vanderpump Dogs, because rescue never stops and with everybody, it was difficult. We have hundreds of dogs in China that were pulled off the meat truck, so it was difficult. And a lot of people booked me on Cameo. I think I did 800 Cameos and all that money went to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation," she shared, "so that really helped keep us afloat." 

Vanderpump Dogs premieres Wednesday, June 9 on Peacock.