'Little Fires Everywhere': Will There Be a Season 2? Showrunner Tells All (Exclusive)

Little Fires Everywhere

Executive producer Liz Tigelaar answers the very question we all have been asking since the Hulu series dropped.

Warning: This story contains spoilers from the Little Fires Everywhere finale. To read showrunner Liz TIgelaar's breakdown of the ending, go here.

Will Little Fires Everywhere get a season 2?

Intended to be a close-ended, eight-part limited series, Hulu's adaptation of Celeste Ng's best-selling novel ended its run Wednesday with an explosive finale that left many questions unanswered: Why did the Richardson kids set the house on fire? Why did Elena cover for her kids? While the series took significant departures from the source material, it largely remained true to the book's original intentions. And with an ending left up to interpretation, much like the book, the question of whether Little Fires Everywhere could continue on is a valid one.

When asked about the future of Little Fires Everywhere and if season 2 is realistically in the cards, executive producer Liz Tigelaar was diplomatic with her answer.

"Well, look, selfishly I want to say yes," Tigelaar tells ET. "This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I would be in that writers' room forever, and I would obviously write for Reese [Witherspoon] and Kerry [Washington] and everybody involved for the rest of my life. So, I want to say yes. In my heart I feel like it's a limited series, I feel like we told the story."

Because the finale ends with Elena and Mia going their separate ways after a bitter final confrontation, Tigelaar doesn't see a feasible way for the two characters to remain in each other's worlds. 

"I would shudder to think of a contrived way to get Mia and Elena back in each other's orbit that would at all feel real," she explains. "I guess I would never want to say never, but I see this as a story that had its beginning, middle and end. And I love the ending. I wouldn't want to diminish Celeste's book by, I don't know, not cannibalizing it, but I wouldn't want to diminish it by turning it into what it isn't just because people liked it."

"I'll be happy if it stays what it is, but at the same time, yes, selfishly I would of course love it to continue," Tigelaar adds.

Young Little Fires Everywhere star Megan Stott, who plays Elena's youngest daughter, Izzy, was more than willing to revisit the character, who ran away to destinations unknown before she could set the house on fire. 

"If they offered me another season with Izzy, I would definitely take it," Stott tells ET. "I love Izzy and to play her again and seeing Izzy find herself, explore herself a little more and discover what's happening in her life and who she really is, I think that'd be so fun to play. If they did ask me to do a second season, I would [say yes] because Izzy's such an incredible character, and I don't think I could ever have such character like her ever."

Little Fires Everywhere is streaming now on Hulu. 

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