'Little People, Big World': Matt Calls Amy a 'Dictator' (Exclusive)

In this exclusive clip, everyone agrees to let Amy take the lead during a brainstorming session for their charity event.

So much for teamwork!

In this exclusive clip from next Tuesday's episode of Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff, her husband, Chris Malek, Matt Roloff and his fiancée, Caryn Chandler, put their heads together to brainstorm a charity event they are hosting for the Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA).

Amy instantly takes charge as she questions Matt about the available dates for the event -- which will be held at the Farm House property that he uses for short-term rentals. 

It's time to nail down a date. 

After a bit of back and forth, the group decides to push it back to June. And Amy settles it. 

"June 24th," she tells the room as she looks at her phone. "We're setting a date today." 

No arguments there. However, Matt knows a thing or two about his ex-wife's leadership abilities.

"Amy, she can cross that line from micro-manager to dictator quicker than me," Matt says in a side interview. "She can go right there, and you just fasten your seatbelt. She can boss people around with the best of them." 

Back in the meeting, Chris presents the idea to hold the event in the section of the barn where he and Amy tied the knot in 2021. Matt then asks if there would be a tent, and Amy has some thoughts about that.

"I'm not getting a tent," Amy interjects. "It's way too much money."

In a side interview, Amy breaks down the method behind her leadership madness.

"Planning for anything, 'Who's gonna take ownership? Who's gonna lead this?' I've been there, done that, you can't have too many leaders and too many bosses," she says. 

Chris adds, "Well, not only that, out of the four of us, Amy has the most experience so I think it would be better for Matt and I to kind of do the peripheral stuff."

Back in the meeting, Amy declares that she wants to nail down the location "today" and suggests that they all go visit it to make sure the venue is fit for their event.  

Matt and Caryn have their own thoughts about the leadership.

"There's a lot of ideas being kicked around and Amy made it very clear that she's in charge," he says with a laugh. 

"Fine by us," Caryn adds. "I mean it was their idea and we want them to roll with it and we'll be the support. The co-pilots."

"I'm like, 'Amy, if you're lucky I'll let you plan my fundraiser,'" Matt adds with more laughs.

"This is gonna be fun...," Caryn suggests. 

Amy and Matt ended their almost 30-year marriage in 2016. Ahead of the premiere of the latest season, Amy spoke to ET and opened up about working with Matt and his fiancée on the event.

"Just being with Matt and Caryn, we get involved in a big fundraising event with an organization that means a lot to me," Amy said, previewing the storyline from season 25. "I mean, we're not gonna be best friends but we enjoy our time, we had a focus, we accomplished something really great. We still get together as family too so it's -- to me, it really just tells a story about a family that's continued to grow, continue to change. But I think the ultimate element of the whole thing is but we're still family."

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays on TLC. 



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