Lizzo Gushes Over Her 'F**king Beautiful' Body

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Lizzo is all about promoting confidence.

The 31-year-old singer, who celebrated her birthday over the weekend, talks about self-love in an interview with fellow singer Sam Smith for V magazine, even when some are against you. Lizzo says she loves the things she has been criticized for growing up, particularly, her body, her blackness and her intelligence.

"First off, I love my body," she declares. "No matter what angle you shoot it at, no matter the lighting, my body is just so f**king beautiful all the time. I may talk sh** about it sometimes, but f**k. She’s still a bad b**ch."

"My second favorite thing about myself is my blackness," she continues. "I am really just so honored to be graced with this identity. No shade to any other shade on the planet -- I just can't relate. I just love being a black woman, even in a world where [we] are statistically the least desirable. I am still here, and I still rise. My third favorite thing about myself is my nerdiness. I was teased like a dog for wanting to be intelligent, for reading, for talking the way I do. But I didn't dumb myself down just to be accepted."

Lizzo -- who recently dazzled the Coachella audience with an electrifying performance despite technical difficulties -- says she is working for others who look like her to be be more visible.

"I feel like [in the beginning] I was this industry secret," she shares. "Part of me took pleasure in that, but then another part was like, are they not posting about me because I am big? I felt this [frustration] with how I was being perceived all through high school, and for much of my life. Until I was like, f**k it. I just need to be undeniable. It’s not about me being big. It’s about me being me. Y’all are going to get this bad b**ch. You are going to get these bops and get this show. And you are going to get your life by receiving it."

"The part that makes me sad is that I want other people who look like me to have opportunities, to be seen and to get jobs," she adds. "And I don’t know if it is working or not because I am so in the middle of it, but I will say that I am doing everything I can. I am trying."

Later, she shares her deep appreciation for the LGBTQ community, who embraced her early on. 

"I just feel so humbled because I believe that all marginalized people have the experience of feeling unwanted and not being able to just f**king live our lives," she says. "I think we all have that common thread -- we can look at each other on the sidelines and nod, like, b**ch I feel you. We all feel each other on a certain level.

"Also, I honestly feel like there is no such thing as straight," she also jokes. "Because f**k boxes; I am too big to be put in one anyway. I am a fat b**ch."

ET spoke to Lizzo last month, when she talked about having a crush on Shawn Mendes. Watch the video below for more:


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