'Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days': Watch Loren Give Birth to Their Baby Girl Ariel (Exclusive)

Alexei tells ET that after the birth complications, he and Loren will most likely not have another child.

The moment is finally here. In this exclusive clip from Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days' special birth episode airing Feb. 20 on TLC, Loren gives birth to their baby girl, Ariel.

Alexei explains to cameras that the doctor said the baby had to come out at 33 weeks and admits he's nervous to welcome baby no. 3. Cameras then show baby Ariel immediately after Loren gives birth and the couple is overjoyed to find out it's a girl, who will join her big brothers, Shai and Asher.

"It's a girl, baby!" Alexei excitedly tells Loren as she jokes, "Your telepathy worked. You were right."

Later, Alexei and Loren look back at the time and Loren gets emotional, shedding tears while reflecting on the beautiful moment. Alexei shares that Ariel was born on their anniversary.

"I have a tiny little daughter," Alexei says. "I can't believe that it's a girl. We're so excited and happy. Yeah, Loren did it. We have a perfect little girl, and couldn't be happier."

The one-hour birth special will air on Monday, Feb. 20, at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

ET's Melicia Johnson recently visited the couple at their home in Florida, where they talked about the birth experience. They were worried about Ariel being born premature given their experience with son Asher, and Loren shared that she actually started feeling contractions 10 days before Ariel was born.

"That day was very, very scary," Loren recalled. "We were in the hospital and I called the doctors and ... and all of these people they were all saying, 'No, we have to keep the baby in, it's too early.' ... And so they were able to stop the contractions the first time and we went back home for 10 days on full bedrest."

When doctors decided to take Ariel out early due to health concerns, she only weighed four pounds. Like Asher, Ariel had to spend time in the NICU.

"She was so tiny and like still a little see-through," Loren shared.

Although it was hard not to be with Ariel, Alexei noted that it was the best place for her.

"NICU is the worst and the best thing," he said. "The best thing is because if the baby is early, and the baby is getting the best care, you can't take care of the baby better at home. And also selfishly gives the parents time to kind of recover and heal a little bit because they're taking care of it for you."

Alexei noted that after the birth complications, he and Loren will most likely not have another child due to health concerns. 

"We're not gonna probably risk it," he said. "Unless it's like in five years and everything down there healed completely and it's like perfect."

For more of our sit-down with Loren and Alexei, watch the video below.