Lori Loughlin's Name and Photo Completely Removed From New 'When Calls the Heart' Posters

'When Calls the Heart' has completely phased Lori Loughlin out of the show.

When Calls the Heart has completely phased Lori Loughlin out of the show.

New posters for season six of the hit Hallmark show were recently released, and Loughlin is nowhere to be found. The posters, which are on When Calls the Heart's official website and is now the cover picture for the show's Facebook page, features actress Erin Krakow prominently -- who plays Elizabeth Thatcher on the show -- with other main characters in the background.

This is a notable change from the original season six image that was shared in February, which featured Loughlin, Krakow and actor Jack Wagner all in the forefront.

Earlier this month, Hallmark announced that When Calls the Heart will resume its sixth season with a special two-night return on Sunday, May 5 and Monday, May 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.  New episodes of When Calls the Heart were pulled in March after Loughlin's alleged involvement in a massive college admissions scandal made headlines. Hallmark cut ties with Loughlin, who played a main character on the show, Abigail Stanton, soon after.

Last week, When Calls the Heart star Paul Greene said that he was grateful for all the work showrunner Alfonso Moreno had to do to rework the show after Loughlin's firing during an appearance on Popcorn Talk Network's "I Could Never Be" podcast. 

"It felt like it was almost taken away... because everything was up in the air," he admitted. "And at the end, [I'm] looking at it with a lot of gratitude that we get a chance to continue to tell these stories."

Greene also said the When Calls the Heart cast has bonded amid the scandal. 

"Adversity brings family together," he said. "Everyone's really pulling together now and doing the very best that they can with what they've been given."

Watch the video below for more on the new season of the show: