'Love Is Blind' Finale -- Here's Who Got Married!

ET exclusively spoke with the couples who said 'I do.'

Warning: spoilers ahead! Do not proceed unless you've watched all 10 episodes of Love Is Blind.

We're still completely *shook* after watching Thursday's Love Is Blind finale!

During the two-hour episode, fans learned that two couples -- Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, and Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett -- said "I do," while Mark Anthony Cuevas, Giannina Milady Gibelli and Kenny Barnes were left at the altar by Jessica Batten, Damian Powers and Kelly Chase, respectively.

ET spoke with the couples who got married via Skype this week, where they opened up about the Netflix dating "experiment" and how they were able to keep their nuptials a secret for so long. Filming for the show wrapped in fall 2018, so everyone has had to keep the results quiet for nearly a year and a half (yes, let that sink in).

"It has been so hard, especially because I'm very active on social media," Lauren shared. "Our close family and inner circle of friends knew, but outside of that, it was like the hardest secret to keep, ever."

"Internet sleuths [have] been on to it, trying to track down all these clues about where we've been and similarities in our pictures," Cameron added. "Ultimately it was probably the most life-changing event, and I wouldn't change anything about it."


It's no secret that fans on social media have been absolutely obsessed with Lauren and Cameron's relationship ever since episode one when the two were still interacting with each other in the secluded pods. So naturally, viewers were overjoyed to learn they actually made it work, proving that love is, indeed, blind.

"Oh my gosh, it's really unreal," Lauren explained of all the positive responses they've received from fans online. "The outpouring of love and everyone just sending us their support and well-wishes is like a dream."

"We never expected to have this much support, love, and people from all over feeling represented in one way or another," Cameron added. "Whether it's people being in mixed-race relationships or scientists or black women. I mean, everyone feels represented and I'm thankful that we can do that for people."

Amber and Barnett seemed equally excited to finally be able to talk to ET about the results of the experiment. "I honestly forgot it was coming out," the former tank mechanic joked. "It has been so long, a year and a half, it has been nuts."

"It's not an easy thing to keep, such a big secret," she continued. "There are a lot of people who [didn't] know how it ended."


Of why they think the show was so successful in creating a special bond between multiple couples, Barnett admitted it had a lot to do with taking out the attractiveness factor.

"It's hard to talk to someone, especially someone who looks like her, face-to-face about things that aren't very shallow," he explained. "Being in the pods made it a lot easier to really connect, I think, on a deeper level."

"Amber and I both had relationships that didn't work out in the past, and I think that, honestly, it wasn't like our last shot at [love], but it was kind of like I didn't really know what else to do because nothing in the real world was sticking," he added. "I'd date for a little while and I'd get bored, or it just wasn't right. It was just really hard to find a connection with someone."

Series creator Chris Coelen previously told ET that it's important to note that unlike other reality dating shows, Love Is Blind gave the participants "a real shot at love." Everyone who was cast was originally living around the Atlanta area at the time, for example, and after meeting each other in person for the first time, the show didn't just end there. Producers then dropped the engaged couples into the real world, where their romances were tested with everything from getting their cell phones back to meeting each other's families and friends.

"I think that the biggest challenge for us right off the bat was that Lauren had never lived with another man before. She had always been kind of a lone wolf," Cameron explained, of one of the real-life struggles they faced behind the scenes. "So when we got back to Atlanta and moved into the apartments together, that was when there was some tension. We had to really find out very quickly how we could strike that balance between personal space and affection."

"Sharing a space with someone, and just being so affectionate and together all the time," Lauren added. "That's not something that I was really used to because I have been single for a while and very independent. So I definitely had to adjust."

If you can't get enough of Love Is Blind, be sure to tune in to the tell-all reunion special, airing Thursday, March 5 on Netflix's YouTube channel. In the meantime, hear more from the series' fan-favorite couples in the video below!