'Love Island': Arielle Vandenberg and Matthew Hoffman Say Season 3 Is Sexier Than Ever (Exclusive)

The host and narrator of CBS' dating competition preview the summer of love.

Love Island is back for another summer of love with 12 single islanders hoping to find love (or lust) at a picturesque Hawaiian villa, which they'll call home for the next several weeks. Host Arielle Vandenberg and narrator Matthew Hoffman return to lead the charge, and they're already brimming with anticipation to kick off the season and let the romantic sparks fly.

"We're in Hawaii this season and we've got a beautiful villa and hot new islanders. Like I can't wait to get my hands on them!" an excited Vandenberg told ET's Matt Cohen in late June. "Last year we were in Vegas and this time we are actually on an island. So it just brings this whole new beautiful, romantic, sexy energy to the show that it deserves."

The new villa that the islanders will be staying in during their time on Love Island is a step above from the last two seasons. Some of the luxurious amenities include two waterfalls and a water slide; plus, Vandenberg shared that Justin Bieber once vacationed at the not-so-humble abode.

Signature challenges, competitions and excursions that make Love Island stand out will all return, Vandenberg promised, along with the drama-filled Casa Amor twist, "which is the ultimate relationship test if you ask me" and her personal favorite.

A staple of Love Island U.K. and introduced last season in the U.S. series, Casa Amor usually takes place midway through the season when a new crop of single men and women try to tempt islanders who are coupled up to defect and choose them instead.

"Casa Amor is such a fun part of the show. It's really my favorite part because the islanders, one day they think they're all in love and then they get put in this other house and it just is the ultimate relationship test for anybody," Vandenberg explained. "So it will bring on so much temptation and steamy content. And if you want extra steamy content, Paramount+, we got the extra steam."

A new addition to season 3 is extra footage from the show deemed "too hot for broadcast" that will be made available to stream on Paramount+, featuring "unfiltered glimpses into the villa and fiery episodes."

Asked how spicy things will get in the villa this season on a scale from 1 to 10, Hoffman answered, "25."

"As the seasons go on, we like to push the limits and especially because it's on Paramount+ now, if anything doesn't make it to broadcast, it will be on Paramount+ which I feel, like, is so exciting because I want the extra steamy content that doesn't make it," Vandenberg added. "It's gonna get sexy for sure."

"Now that we're gonna be on Paramount+, it gives us a little longer leash to delve in and I think it's gonna be very exciting," Hoffman agreed.

Though the success rate for Love Island couples is extremely low -- none of last year's pairs are still together, for instance -- Vandenberg is optimistic that season 3 will bring lasting love for some islanders.

"Watching people fall in love is the most special thing ever. I mean, I love love. I'm always like, 'Do you love him? Do you love her?' I'm constantly in people's ears trying to get people to fall in love and so this is a) a perfect job for me and b) you really get to watch them fall in love and fall into like and flirt and all that stuff," she said. "It's such a special show, and you're right, you could throw anyone in there and it would just be the most fun to watch."

Love Island premieres Wednesday, July 7 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT after Big Brother on CBS. For more, watch below.

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