'Love Island' Couple Connor Trott and Mackenzie Dipman Split Up

Love Island

The pair rekindled their romance after their rocky time on 'Love Island' before calling it quits.

This roller coaster romance has run its course. Love Island stars Conner Trott and Mackenzie Dipman have called it quits.

The pair posted a joint statement on their Instagram stories on Saturday, to share the news with fans who "have been wondering about us and our relationship."

"We are both young and in the early stages of careers, and sadly those careers are keeping us in two different places. One of us is in Pittsburgh and the other is in Tucson, and neither of us will be able to move anytime in the near future," the statement shared. "So over the last couple of weeks we have started having some difficult conversations about our future."

The couple said they ultimately "realized that our lives are moving in different directions" and that they "have both made commitments to cities that are over 2,000 miles apart."

"This was not a decision we took lightly," they continued. "We both have so much love for each other and had hopes that we could make this work, but relationships are about timing, and this is just not our time."

They said they have appreciated all the support from fans since the show came to an end, and they hope that those same fans "will continue to support us as the individuals you have come to know."

"We are unsure of what the future holds for us, but one thing is for certain, we will always have each other. And we will forever be grateful that Love Island brought us together," the statement concluded.

Connor Trott/Instagram

While the pair didn't end up together during their time on season two of Love Island -- and were kicked out of the villa before the end of the season -- Trott called up Dipman on Facetime, moments after his elimination, asking for a second chance to see if their romance, however rocky it was within the villa walls, could actually survive in the real world. 

After the episode aired, back in September, Trott spoke with ET's Ash Crossan and opened up about that surprising phone call and why he almost didn't go through with it.

"Where my head is at right now is definitely to try and see Mackenzie. I was able to give her a little Facetime directly after leaving, so I think she has the same feelings as me," Connor shared. "So I'm going to go home for a day or two, and hopefully go out to see her in Arizona."

"I almost didn't do it, honestly," he added. "I was super nervous, and the ending of it -- it was a sad ending to see her go, but I think we had a very good last conversation the last night before she left. And I knew we were heading in a right direction but I was still super nervous to make that phone call and I didn't know if she was gonna pick up. But no, she did seem super happy and excited to see that it was from me. And it made me super happy and it kind of validated how I felt."

Meanwhile, Love Island has been renewed for season three. While season one filmed internationally in Fiji, production was relocated to Las Vegas last summer for its most recent season due to travel restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic. For the upcoming season, Love Island will move locations again -- this time setting up shop in the Hawaiian Islands.