'Love Island': One Couple Is Voted Off By Their Fellow Islanders In Tense, Uncomfortable Elimination!

Love Island
Adam Torgerson/CBS Entertainment

Ahead of Tuesday's finale, one couple was forced to leave the villa during Monday's dramatic episode.

It's been a wild ride, but season 2 of Love Island is quickly coming to an end, and the show's couples are feeling the heat. In fact, one couple got burned in a big way on Monday when they were sent packing.

Whenever host Arielle Vandenberg comes to the Villa, everybody knows it's time to start panicking -- and Monday's episode was no exception.

After all the couples were forced to take care of imaginary children -- both as a test to see how they could handle it in the real world, but also because it's hilarious -- the five couples seemed to be in a good place. There were some love connections, some comfort, some happiness. And then, out of nowhere, Hurricane Arielle moved in.

The host explained to the five couples that only four couples would be able to move into the finals -- and that meant two lovebirds would be flying off from the Villa, and soon.

The twist of the knife came when she also explained that the decision on who would get kicked off would be collectively made by the Islanders themselves. They would have to go off and vote on which couple is the least compatible, and the couple with the most votes would be sent packing.

"Remember, this isn't about who's been here the longest, or who's friends with who, this is about who has a genuine connection," Arielle explained. "This is a huge decision, so use your vote wisely."

So, the pairings went off to different areas in the Villa to quietly deliberate on which couple was the weakest. Interestingly, it was Laurel who seemed to echo the fans when she said, "I think a case could be made for almost anyone in here besides Justine and Caleb."

They truly have been the frontrunners ever since they first got together, and it'd be hard to imagine them not making it to the finals -- unless every other couple schemed to kick them off, so they wouldn't be in a position to win the grand prize!

Luckily for Jaleb -- as they are called by fans -- that level of manipulative gameplay wasn't in the cards.

Ultimately, the majority of the couples decided that it the duo with the least compatibility was Bennett and Lakeyn -- the two newest Islanders who hadn't had more than a few days to even show how strong their connection could be.

Meanwhile, Carrington and Laurel (who first hooked up in Casa Amor after Carrington ditched Kierstan, and who almost broke up a few days earlier when Carrington found himself interested in Lakeyn) managed to barely avoid getting the axe.

As for Johnny and Cely, there was still clearly a lot of tension and defensiveness due to Johnny's behavior in Casa Amor. When it comes to Moira and Calvin, they're also still in the competition, and fans seem generally OK with whatever is going on there.

Nevertheless, with the vote up to the viewing public, Justine and Caleb still seem to be the frontrunners as season 2 enters the final leg of the race.

ET's Ash Crossan spoke with Lakeyn Call and Bennett Sipes after Monday's show, via video chat, and the cute couple opened up about getting the boot.
"Under the circumstances, I get why we left. But I don't think we deserved to leave. I think we are more compatible than one of the other couples there, but I have no hard feelings towards anyone," Lakeyn shared.

"It is what it is. It's a little bittersweet, but we're happy for everyone," Bennett added. "And I'm just happy to have met this one right here."

As for their relationship off the show, Bennett said that he and Lakeyn are "definitely" going to continue to see each other and see where their connection leads them.

"We grew very quickly over a very short period of time," Bennett reflected, adding that they will continue to try and cultivate their long distance, cross-country romance.

For more on this wild, dramatic season of Love Island, check out the video below.