Machine Gun Kelly Recalls Hanging Out With Taylor Hawkins Just Days Before His Death

Machine Gun Kelly
The Howard Stern Show/YouTube

The rocker opened up about his last memory of the Foo Fighters drummer with speaking with Howard Stern on Wednesday.

Machine Gun Kelly is opening up about his final memories of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, and paying tribute to the light he brought to so many.

Kelly appeared on The Howard Stern Show on SirusXM on Wednesday, while promoting his new album, Mainstream Sellout, and recalled how he and his entire band spent time hanging out with the Foo Fighters just days before Hawkins' untimely death.

On March 22, Kelly was set to perform at Asunciónico 2022 in Paraguay, where the Foo Fighters were also set to perform, and the rocker recalled, "That day was the day the Foo Fighters were going to play with us," and was going to be the first time Dave Grohl and Hawkins had seen Kelly and his band perform live.

However, due to a storm that caused minor flooding, the concert was cancelled. Kelly made headlines when he decided to put on an impromptu performance for fans outside his hotel room, and thousands turned out for the show.

Despite that, the band was still disappointed they couldn't perform with the Foo Fighters. However, Grohl texted Kelly and invited him and his crew to their hotel to hang out. Kelly was worried because, when they got to the hotel, he realized, "There's like 20 of us!"

However, the Foo Fighters were very welcoming to his large group -- Hawkins in particular.

"[Taylor] went up to every single one of us and gave us each our moment,” the singer recalled. “Like every single one of us, man, like down to my assistant … And we were all tripping out!"

He’s such a beautiful soul," he added. "He gave his heart."

"The last thing that he had said to [my drummer was] ‘I’m just so bummed I didn’t get to see you guys play,'" Kelly remembered. “I really want to thank him and let his kids know that he made us feel … so confident in ourselves and loved, and your father [was] a great, great man and we were all lucky to know him."

Hawkins died on March 25 -- just over two days after hanging out with Kelly and his band. Hawkins died in his hotel room in Bogotá, Colombia, at the age of 50. 

The Foo Fighters were in the midst of a South American tour, and were set to headline the Festival Estereo Picnic in Bogotá the night of his death.

Foo Fighters subsequently cancelled their remaining tour dates, including their planned performance at the 2022 GRAMMY Awards this coming Sunday.

For more on Hawkins' life and legacy, see the video below.