Machine Gun Kelly Reveals If Pete Davidson Will Be His Best Man, Talks Kanye West Drama

The musician also discussed his pal's drama with Kanye West.

Machine Gun Kelly is excited to have Pete Davidson be a part of his wedding day. The 31-year-old musician appeared on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show, and when the host asked if Davidson would be the best man when MGK marries Megan Fox, MGK revealed his plans.

"I think my side is going to be an army. I have so many close best friends that have been with me for all these years," MGK said. "I think Pete's absolutely going to be standing there with me."

"We should mic him just for commentary," MGK quipped, before stating of his Saturday Night Live star pal, "I was blessed with both came into each other's life at the right time."

As MGK prepares for his big day with his fiancée, Davidson is coupled up with Kim Kardashian. "I'm so happy for him," MGK said of Davidson's relationship.

Since Davidson and Kardashian began their romance, the latter's ex, Kanye "Ye" West, has spoken out against the couple. Amid the drama, MGK said he's "totally" been there for his pal.

"At the end of the day, we're young men trying to find our place in the world and figuring it out. It doesn't really help when you've got a million voices ripping you apart, or telling you, 'You're doing this wrong,'" he said. "We're all just figuring it out, man. This is life."

"We love everybody, man. We have so much love," MGK added. "It's almost like, if we need to be the vessels for people's anger, so be it. That must be why we're here. I do hope that they can feel our spirit and see that we love you."

Earlier this month, a source told ET that Kardashian is "having a great time with Pete and would really like to distance herself from the Kanye drama and hopes he can move on."

"Despite the struggles she's having with Kanye, Kim is really enjoying her relationship with Pete. She feels like she is having fun with him like she never has before," the source said. "She feels so relaxed around him and like her true self. Things are getting more and more serious between them."