Maksim Chmerkovskiy Praises 'DWTS' Partner Vanessa Lachey: 'They Can Say What They Want'

Vanessa Lachey and Maksim Chmerkovskiy reunite
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The pro dancer complimented his partner after an emotional dance and rumors of a feud between the two.

Sounds look there's no more trouble in the ballroom for Vanessa Lachey and her Dancing With the Stars partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

After an emotional rumba on Monday night for the "Most Memorable Year" week of the competition, Chmerkovskiy wrote a heartfelt Instagram post about his partner and their performance.

"Everything I ever want for my partners is literally what @vanessalachey has brought to the dance floor last night," he began. "Raw, unapologetic, real emotion expressed through a beautiful dance."

The dance was inspired by the Lachey family's difficult third pregnancy, and it struck a chord with the dancer. 

"Yesterday also marked the first time when I completely lost it right before the dance... I rarely cry but this was something different, something I’ve yet to experience watching someone else’s story," he continued.

"I’m proud of you partner!" he added. "They can say what they want but you’re a star and I wouldn’t want to be on this rollercoaster with anyone but you!"

Lachey and Chmerkovskiy spoke with ET's Cameron Mathison after Monday night's performance, where she also complimented her ballroom partner.

"You channel it, you know?” Lachey revealed about her emotions after the show. “[Maks] is a great teacher, and I listen as the student ‘cause this is not something I do – ballroom dance. He taught me a rumba. I have never moved my hips like that before in my entire life.”

The mom of three also shared an Instagram, thanking Chmerkovskiy for his choreography and teachings. 

"It was a Beautiful & Magical night full of so much Love. Thank You @maksimc for this dance," she wrote in the caption.

The love fest comes after last week's reports that Chmerkovskiy skipped their performance due to issues with Lachey "errupting."

A source told ET that he actually refused to rehearse with Lachey this past week due to the two not getting along

According to the source, both Lachey and Chmerkovskiy are "stubborn, strong-willed people," and it was obvious from the beginning that they were going to "butt heads." The source also claims the pair has been faking their seemingly close relationship.

"They're both super competitive and know how to 'turn it on' as performers," the source adds. 

But the heartfelt posts and words the two have shared in the past 24 hours seem to indicate that things have cooled off in their heated partnership.

"We know what the week is, and that is what dance is,” Lachey told ET. “It is literally speaking emotion through movement, and I was worried I wasn't going to be able to do it. But I know I got this guy literally standing there, and he’s got my back… I just looked over and grabbed on and was like, ‘We got this.’”

For more on their performance, watch the video below.