Maluma Says He Imagines Singing 'Amor De Mi Vida' to His Future Wife (Exclusive)

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Maluma is all about spreading the love, now more than ever. 

The Colombian singer released his new song, "Amor De Mi Vida," on Thursday, and as he told ET's Denny Directo, he was inspired by the love he has in his life -- and love he hopes to share with his future wife. Maluma hopes the message translates to all his fans. 

"I wanted to do a song to communicate with the people that I love how much I love them," he shared, noting how people often wait to express their love until it's too late. "I really wanted to do this song to send this message to the world and just give love. That's my position right now in life."

Though the song holds a special meaning now amid the coronavirus pandemic, Maluma actually wrote it months earlier, while he was in Jamaica in January. He was feeling "so sad and so mad" over not being able to fly in to attend the GRAMMYs, where he was nominated. Then, his perspective changed. 

"I started thinking of all the things that I already have in my life, starting with my family, starting with all the simple and basic things that I have. In that moment, everything changed... I started to understand my priorities in life," he explained. "My priorities cannot be just only [being] No. 1 and charting on Billboard every week." 

In fact, one of Maluma's "biggest dreams" is to start a family. The "11 PM" singer is single for "the first time in a long time," but enjoying this new period in his life before looking for the person to spend his life with. 

"When I was writing this song, I was like, 'Sh*t, imagine singing this song to the love of my life when I get old,' and all these beautiful things that we also want to live," he confessed. "People think that [artists] don't think about it, but actually we do. Personal thoughts -- I feel like I want to get old and have a family, I want that too. So, that's also why I wanted to write this song. I'm looking for the love of my life, but not right now."

"I don't feel right now that I want to get a girlfriend," Maluma expressed. "I love being single and taking some time for myself and that's important too. Of course, one of my biggest dreams is having a family, having kids, having a wife. I don't know when that's going to happen." 

"Amor De Mi Vida" represents a new stage for Maluma. "I want to keep conquering the world... but right now I feel like I'm a leader of a new generation and I have to show them not only reggaeton or these dance songs or only songs to go to a party. It's not just about that, it's about sharing love and showing them who I really am," he said. 

The song's music video also shows a different side of the artist. He transforms into an older man in the video, which Maluma said was an "emotional" experience. 

"That was kind of shocking for me," he admitted. "The whole process was, like, four or five hours ... I was actually looking a lot like my mom's father. I look exactly like him, so it was very shocking for me but it was worth it. I enjoyed it and the video was very emotional. I could get the emotions that I wanted from the beginning." 

Maluma is currently quarantining in Medellin, Colombia, with his mom, Marlli. His grandparents live nearby, and he can't wait to "go give a hug" to them when it's safe. For now, he's enjoying time at home. 

"Finally, I'm spending some time in my house. I built my house a couple of years ago and this is my first time really enjoying it," he said. "So, there are some positive things around all the crazy things that are happening right now." 

"I've never spent before one month in my house," he added. "It feels weird. It feels good, but kind of weird." 

The 26-year-old is also passing the time with TikTok videos -- "I wasn't a big fan of TikTok because I didn't know how to do it. I didn't find a reason, but now that I have time," he confessed -- and eating Colombian food. "All of the dishes here in Colombia are full of carbs," he joked... so he's not exactly in Calvin Klein shape, but he still has his "powers." 

Maluma's mom has been helping him switch up his look amid quarantine, but his family has also come together in more meaningful ways. His sister, Manuela, serves as president of his foundation, El Arte de los Suenos, which is aiding hospitals and families in Medellin affected by COVID-19. 

"I'm a leader here in my country and that's the minimum thing that I can do right now, just help people with my foundation," he told ET. "When all these things started happening, we realized the kids were starving at home because their parents cannot go out to work. They had no income, no money to get their food, so that's how we started helping. We started sending food to their house."

"[We're] also donating masks, also the gloves, the ventilators to the hospitals because there are so many little hospitals around my hometown that they have no gloves even," he revealed. "That's why we're helping, and of course, I feel like this won't be the first time we do these kinds of donations." 

Maluma also helped raise money as part of Lady Gaga's One World: Together at Home concert. He was the only Latin artist and felt "honored" to be included. "It was a beautiful experience. Just knowing I'm sending some love and some art to the people, it feels great," he said. 

See more on Maluma in the video below. 


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