Maluma Shares Relationship Deal Breakers and His Thoughts on Marriage

The 'Marry Me' star isn't so sure that he wants to say 'I do.'

Maluma is opening up about his views on relationships. The 28-year-old Marry Me star appears on Tuesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and gets real about his relationship deal breakers and his views on marriage.

While Maluma says that catching a partner going through his phone and having a partner who snores aren't immediate relationship-enders for him, he did have some non-negotiables.

A person who takes too many selfies, is a bad kisser, is always late or who stays in touch with their exes are all deal breakers for the "Sobrio."

As for why the last one is a no-go, Maluma says, "Goodbye, my love. I don't want to see you anymore. Why do they have to talk to their exes? There's nothing that they have to do with it."

Even when he finds someone who isn't ruled out by any of his deal breakers, Maluma still isn't sure that he'll want to get married.

"I don't know if I want to get married, to be honest," he admits. "My mom, of course she wants me to get married."

If he does exchange vows, though, Maluma has a very specific idea in his head about what that will look like.

"I want to have a family, and if I'm going to get married, I want to do a kind of ritual. I don't want a pretty big thing in front of everybody. I want to, I don't know, maybe go to an island and do a little ritual there with my family and friends," he explains. "Spending the money that I wanted to spend on the wedding, spend it just there with my friends and family for almost a month."

"Having a big wedding, that's pretty expensive," Maluma adds. "I prefer just spending that money on something more intimate."

Marry Me marks Maluma's first-ever movie, and he stars in the project alongside Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. When ET spoke to Maluma earlier this month, the singer explained why the film was the perfect project for his acting debut.

"I had a couple options before this, you know, there's some people that wanted to work with me. But I felt it wasn't the right timing and I was waiting for the right movie to feel comfortable to do it in a big way," Maluma said. "And it happened. It happened. I'm pretty honored. I'm grateful, of course, with the whole team because they treated me so good."

While Maluma was "kind of nervous," for his first movie, he said, "I love the experience. I just fell in love with it. I want to keep doing it. I'm looking forward [to] many, many movies that I can make. It's just the beginning, so I feel like what's coming is beautiful."