Mama June Wins $5,000 on Live Court Room TV Show After Suing Former Friend Adam Barta

The reality star appears on A&E's 'Court Night Live.'

Mama June Shannon came out victorious after winning a court case against former friend and YouTuber Adam Barta. June appears on Wednesday's episode of A&E's Court Night Live, where she walked away with $5,000 and a new executive producer title.

During the episode, June alleged that Barta had used her as a consultant for six months from February to August for his upcoming TV special, The Dish. She also claimed that despite Barta’s promises, she was never paid for her time or recognized as an executive producer.

June explained that she believed Barta was using her “likeness and name for his financial gain," as she has been "doing reality TV for 11 years and he knows that." 

June said she never got a contract together “because [during] that time, I was in between management, doing stuff on my own. And at first, I didn't think he was going to constantly just ask and ask and ask [for my involvement]."

"I felt like I was being used," she continued. "I have a life myself, I have a TV show myself, so I can't produce his show for free."

Barta, however, claimed he did send a contract over to June, which she never signed. He also denied there was ever a financial agreement in place. “I texted the contract to her, she did not sign it, never acknowledged it at all," he claimed. "I sent it back in March of this year. We've done so much work together over the years so we've established this relationship.”

Siding with June, the judge said that the reality star’s fame “drew [Barta] to her like a moth to a flame.” The judge told Barta that along with crediting June as an executive producer on his show, he also must pay her $5,000.

"He's actually getting a very, very good deal," June said of the outcome. "Normally, it would be $25,000+ and I hope his show succeeds ... and I hope he's OK with losing all the money that he has put aside for this project."

Barta told cameras that he just wants his friend back and that "June deserves [the executive producer title] but this was a project close to my heart."

Ahead of the show, June took to her Instagram Stories to let people in the St. Petersburg, Florida, area know they could come watch the case live. She added, "I'm tired of people trying to get rich off my name for free."

Barta, meanwhile, shared an Instagram post and wrote, "Join me TONIGHT as I get sued by my so called 'best friend.'"

Following the show, Barta took to Instagram to confirm that he stands by what he said during the hearing. "I wanna move forward to good things," he added. 

Barta also shared an Instagram late Wednesday night promoting his show, which he credited June as an executive producer.

"From myself and Executive Producer @mamajune comes a new comedy experience like never before: #THEDISH," he wrote. "Available on Apple TV, Google Play and Vudu 8/30. Link in bio."


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