Mandy Moore Hopes Fans Will Be Able to 'Move Forward' After 'This Is Us' Super Bowl Episode (Exclusive)

Alison Buck/Getty Images for Create & Cultivate and Chevrolet

The 33-year-old actress also revealed the surprising place she's been keeping her SAG Award!

Mandy Moore is hoping fans get some closure after This Is Us' Super Bowl episode on Sunday. 

ET spoke with the 33-year-old actress at Create & Cultivate and Chevrolet's event celebrating the 2018 Create & Cultivate 100 List in Culver City, California, on Thursday, where she dished on what viewers can expect from the game-changing episode.

"I can't wait for fans to see our Super Bowl episode. People will get a lot of answers and will be able to move forward," Moore said of the episode, which will finally show Jack's death. "I think for everybody's sake it'll be a good thing." 

The This Is Us star will be attending this year's Super Bowl in Minnepolis, Minnesota, and rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles. "The underdog!" she exclaimed. "The whole cast is going, so we're just psyched to have the chance to hang out with one another." 

Moore and her co-stars haven't spent much time apart over the last month, as they've worked the awards show circuit -- and won Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series at the 2018 SAG Awards.

"I don't know [where I'm going to put the award]. I'm in the process of moving right now, so I think it's in my car," Moore confessed. "I brought it to work on Monday because Milo [Ventimiglia] was like, 'You've got to bring it in and show our hair and makeup department.' So I brought it in to show them and I think I just put it in my car."

"But I have to move it --I don't know where," she added. "It's kind of big and it's really heavy." 

Moore, who was a keynote speaker at Create & Cultivate last September, also gushed about being involved with the conference, saying she's "been a big fan" for years. "I think it's important now more than ever to be inclusive, and to continue to support women. And something like Create & Cultivate, which is all about championing women and celebrating them, I'm psyched to be here and to celebrate with the honorees this year," she shared. 

Alison Buck/Getty Images for Create & Cultivate and Chevrolet

The actress' support means a lot to Create & Cultivate's CEO, Jaclyn Johnson. 

"I think that's ... so important, especially right now. There's so much momentum behind the women's movement, and we've been around for a long time doing it," Johnson expressed. "We have this audience of millennial women and [Moore and other celebrities] can do good with us and it will translate to that audience. So, Mandy and Sophia [Bush], obviously raising our profile by being here so graciously is so nice. It really means the world to us."

The next Create & Cultivate conference will take place in Los Angeles on Feb. 24, with Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian as keynote speakers. 

Reporting by Angelique Jackson.