Mandy Moore Reviews Her Own Looks From the '90s -- See Her Not-So-Favorite Outfits!

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Even Mandy Moore has had her fair share of fashion fails!

During an interview with the Today show, the This Is Us star took a trip down memory lane. The 33-year-old actress looked at old pics of herself on the red carpet from when she was first rising to fame as the "Candy"-singing, bubbly pop star we all grew to love in the late '90s. From bright pink tops to leather pants, Moore got candid about her style hits and misses.

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"This was my very first red carpet. I remember I didn't get to go to homecoming or prom, so I treated the Billboard Awards in 1999 as my homecoming or prom," she explained. "And this was back when ballgown skirts and -- remember the twin-set cashmere sweater was popular for a hot minute? I remember seeing Gwyneth Paltrow in something similar. And that's the inspiration behind this look, although she wasn't wearing what looks like a tablecloth and a Swarovski crystal-bejeweled turtleneck."

"And [there's] my crazy blond hair," Moore, who's been brunette for years now, added. "I remember I had pink Prada sandals on underneath and I was so excited because they were the fanciest shoes I'd ever had in my life. This was a real low point for me, I'm going to be honest. This was not a highlight of my style career."

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"Getting a little sexier, showing a little bit of midriff, I mean, it was the early 2000s," Moore described this spunky look. "This was for some event for MTV, I believe. But that screams 2001 to me. Pink, I really loved pink, obviously. And lip gloss."

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"OK, this was the Kids' Choice Awards in 2000," Moore said. "I remember these fringed leather pants were custom-made. And they were modeled off of some Ralph Lauren pants, I think, something that was seen on the runway and I was like, 'I think we can do a better version. It can be metallic purple.' But I was 16 or 17, so you can't really blame me for that, I guess."

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"You're going old school," she said, laughing. "This was New Year's Eve [1999]. I was helping the New Year's festivities for MTV. I would totally rock that now, actually. Good job, Mandy. I feel like I was sort of ahead of the curve there, stylistically. Or it all comes back around again, who knows?"

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"This is a whopper," Moore said of this two-piece combo. "This is a feathered top, you guys. And a jean skirt. Remember when it was in Vogue to cut off the waistband of your jeans and denim skirts? This sort of asymmetrical line -- that's something. And I believe you can't even really see, but there is a feathered detail on my platform sandals that's sort of tied in with the feathered halter top that I'm wearing."

"This was not a highlight for me either," she joked. "Thank you so much for making me feel fantastic about my style choices as a teenager, guys."

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