'Manifest' Sneak Peek: Josh Dallas Is Desperate to Protect His Family After Suspicious Death (Exclusive)

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Ben and Michaela Stone are on the hunt for the truth on Manifest in the wake of one of their fellow Montego Air Flight 828 passengers being suspiciously murdered after speaking to the press.

On Monday's episode, titled "Turbulence," the siblings vow to take action in their own hands, but NYPD officer Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) is less than thrilled about bringing her brother, ex-intelligence agent Ben (Josh Dallas), along for the ride in ET's exclusive sneak peek.

In the clip, Ben insists on helping Michaela find answers to what's really going on. The fact that passengers are dying, a plane exploded into a huge ball of fire and Flight 828 patrons are hearing voices, it's apparent there's something far more dangerous and unseemly happening that the government is desperate to keep under wraps. 

"So remember, when we get there, stay in the car. I'll deal with it," Michaela advises Ben, who's at the wheel of the SUV. 

"No chance, this isn't Uber," Ben scoffs. "If I'm going there, I'm getting some answers."

The two bicker, each trying to get their way with Ben making the accurate point that "the cops are useless without us." "I'm at the center of this, just like you," Ben says, before bringing in his wife into it. "Grace is scared and rightly so, and I need to protect my family. If we're being targeted, I need to know who's coming after us and why."

"That's exactly what I plan on finding out," Michaela impatiently replies. 

"I'm not going to be a bystander. I feel hopeless enough as it is -- cooped up at home, stressing all day...," Ben says, building his case. "I know I can contribute here Mic. We're doing this together or I'm turning this car around." 

Does Ben get his way? Watch ET's exclusive first look above to find out.

Manifest airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.