Marcia Gay Harden Is a Mother From Hell in Creepy First Promo for Lifetime's 'Love You to Death' (Exclusive)

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Marcia Gay Harden is a mother from hell.

Inspired by the true story of DeeDee and Gypsy Blanchard, Lifetime's upcoming original movie, Love You to Death, dramatizes the tale of a mother and daughter who are nothing like they seem and whose tumultuous relationship ends in a brutal murder. 

ET exclusively debuts the very first promo for the film, which follows Camile (Harden) and Esme (Emily Skeggs), who are well-known in their community -- Esme as the sickly wheelchair-bound daughter, and Camile as the perfect caretaker and mother. But when Camile is found stabbed to death in her home and Esme has disappeared, it's believed she has been kidnapped by the killer. But when Esme is found, the shocking truth comes out: She ran away with her boyfriend (Brennan Keel Cook) after working with him to murder Camile, and she's perfectly healthy -- a victim of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, forced to believe she was ill by her abusive mother.

"I don't know how God lets a child go through something like this," Camile opens the minute-long teaser, which begins airing on TV Tuesday evening. "You're my little angel. I'm going to watch over you -- always."

Set to an eerie cover of "Tainted Love," Camile's ruse almost unravels when a doctor tells her she has a sneaky suspicion that Esme may have been misdiagnosed. And when Esme asks to see her estranged father (Donovan), he makes a telling declaration, "Your mom is sick, not you."

The fireworks start getting more dramatic by the second, when Camile creepily snarls, "Baby, it hurts me to hurt you," and she starts heading down a dangerous road she won't be able to come back from. Watch the intense promo above.

Love You to Death premieres Saturday, Jan. 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.


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