Maren Morris Celebrates Tucker Carlson's Firing After He Labeled Her 'Lunatic Country Music Person'

'Happy Monday, MotherTucker,' the singer posted on social media after news of the former Fox News host's ousting broke.

Maren Morris has some choice words for Tucker Carlson. The country music star poked fun at the former Fox News host's firing on Monday, after Carlson famously dubbed her a "lunatic country music person" last year. 

"Happy Monday, MotherTucker," Morris wrote on her Instagram story, reposting an old image of her face along with a chyron from Tucker Carlson Tonight reading "Lunatic Country Music Person." Morris previously shared the screengrab as her "new profile pic" back in September, amid her online feud with Brittany Aldean. At the time, Jason Aldean's wife was a guest on the Fox News program to share her beliefs regarding transgender children.

Morris went on to launch a T-shirt line with the Carlson-inspired moniker last year, raising money for Trans Life Line, a non-profit organization that offers emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis, and GLAAD's Transgender Media Program, which aims to work with the media to fairly and accurately tell the stories of transgender lives.

For more on that story, check out ET's complete timeline of the feud.

On Monday, Morris also shared a rainbow graphic that read: "The Only Tuckers Allowed Are the Drag Queens." 

Maren Morris / Instagram
Maren Morris / Instagram

As ET previously reported, Carlson was let go from Fox News on Monday. A source told ET that the move was a surprise to Carlson's colleagues at the cable network. 

"Colleagues of Tucker are shocked and many found out about the news like the rest of the world, on Twitter," the source said. "Tucker made no indication he was leaving to anyone and on Friday told everyone he'd see them Monday for a new show. People at Fox News are looking for answers as to what happened and are waiting to hear."

Following Monday's high-profile cable news firings, which also included Don Lemon's ousting from CNN, former CNN anchor Brian Stelter told ET's Kevin Frazier why he believes the networks parted ways with their top talent and what could be next for the men.

Regarding Carlson, Stelter believes the decision "is related to the Dominion lawsuit." According to CBS News, Fox recently agreed to pay $787.5 million to settle the defamation case Dominion brought against them for claiming on-air that they helped rig the 2020 presidential election against former President Donald Trump.

Stelter believes that Fox didn't fire Carlson as a result of the settlement, but rather because of messages that came to light amid the case.

"Some of the emails and text messages from Tucker Carlson that came out before the trial were really embarrassing, but... there were a lot of messages still being redacted for public view and I believe there's material in those private messages that was incredibly ugly," he explains. "It gave Fox a reason to remove Carlson."

The network's other reason for axing Carlson could've been due to his popularity, Stelter speculates.

"Tucker Carlson actually became bigger than Fox News, which is something Fox never likes to see happen," he says, "so in some ways they cut him back down to size today."