Maren Morris Reveals Miranda Lambert's Hilarious Cheer When She Won Big at 2020 CMA Awards (Exclusive)

Morris had a big night at this year's CMA Awards, and she got a lot of love from a few of her fellow country superstars.

Maren Morris is certainly feeling the love! The country songstress had a big night at this year's CMA Awards on Wednesday, and got some enthusiastic support from a few of her fellow artists.

Morris delivered a standout performance of her tune "The Bones" and won three awards, including Song of the Year and Single of the Year, both for that same celebrated track. Her third win of the name came when she was named Female Vocalist of the Year, and she was loudly cheered on by Miranda Lambert and Ashley McBryde - both of whom were nominated as well.

Speaking with ET's Rachel Smith backstage after the event, Morris reflected on the big moment, and explained how she was a bit nervous throughout the evening "Because I haven't performed in a while."

"But at the same time, [everyone] gave me so much love," she continued. "When I won Female Vocalist, Ashley McBride and Miranda were at the stage and they were saying, 'Yes, b**ch! Yes, b**ch!"

Reflecting on her multiple new trophies, Morris shared, "My cup runneth over. I don't know if I can handle any more good news for one 24 hour period."

"I'm just floored, it was such a beautiful night," Morris added.

Morris' big night comes seven months after she and husband Ryan Hurd welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Hayes, on March 23.

The family has spent a lot of quality time together amid the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, and Morris explained what she's learned and how being a mom amid these unusual times has changed her outlook.

"I think just sharpening my focus a bit on what really matters," she shared. "You know, it was disappointing having a tour get canceled this year and everything, but you know I've gotten so much time home with my son, and that's time I will never see the same way again."

"He's my little trophy, he's so cute, and I am just so happy to be a mom," Morris added. "Especially in a year like this, it's just really been amazing to watch him grow and it gives me perspective on like what's important and what's stupid."

For more on Morris' big night at this year's CMA Awards, check out the video below.