Mariah Carey Declares Halloween Is Over and Christmas Season Has Begun by Smashing Pumpkins

The singer said goodbye to Halloween and hello to Christmas.

Mariah Carey has officially declared it Christmas season! The singer took to Instagram as the calendar changed from October to November, to say goodbye to Halloween and hello to Christmas.

In the funny clip, Carey wears a sparkly red dress and matching heels as midnight approaches. Carrying a candy cane-striped baseball bat, Carey makes her way to three pumpkins that read, "It's not time."

When Halloween officially comes to an end, Carey expertly smashes the pumpkin that reads "not," so that only the ones reading "It's time" remain.

As Carey's iconic Christmas track, "All I Want For Christmas Is You," plays, the singer dons a festive outfit and sits in an expertly decorated room complete with presents to ring in the holiday season.

"It's time to smash that pumpkin and treat it as pie... 'cause we still gotta get through Thanksgiving!!!" Carey quipped in the caption.

Carey similarly rung in the Christmas season last year, posting a video of a man in a creepy Halloween mask making his way through her house, only to find Carey sitting in her own personal Christmas heaven. 

"It's time," she wrote alongside the clip, "but let's get through Thanksgiving first." 

Carey released "All I Want For Christmas Is You" in 1994. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last December, Carey opened up about her pride in the track, which she wrote and performed.

"I'm not casual about it. I don't take it for granted. It's taken me all these years to just listen to the song at Christmas and enjoy it as a listener," she said of the much-beloved track. "For so long I would put it on, it's part of my Christmas playlist, and pick it apart. All the other artists' songs would come on and I'd just be enjoying the Christmas spirit, and then I hear that and I'd go, 'Why did I keep that there? Why didn't I change that?'" 

ET was with Carey in 1994, less than 48 hours after the single hit radio, as she opened up about creating the tune. 

"When you record a Christmas album it's around for the rest of your life," she told ET at the time. "It's something that people can play for years and years to come."