Mark Ruffalo Admits He Got a 'Dummy Script' for 'Avengers: Endgame' (Exclusive)

The actor couldn't leak any spoilers -- even if he wanted to!

Mark Ruffalo couldn't dish Avengers: Endgame spoilers -- even if he wanted to!

The actor, who plays Bruce Banner and his smashingly green alter ego, The Hulk, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stopped to chat with ET's Kevin Frazier at the film's premiere in Los Angeles on Monday. Ruffalo and co-star Tom Holland are routinely teased as the loosest-lipped Avengers, and after the film's directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, recently admitted that Holland didn't get a script for Endgame, in order to prevent him from leaking spoilers, Ruffalo told ET that he was also restricted from knowing too much about how the massively-anticipated epic plays out.

"I got a script, but it was a dummy," he revealed. "There were scenes in there that I thought we were shooting that nobody ever shot."

The Russos admitted in their ET interview that the intense secret-keeping is actually a benefit to the actors. "It's like doing them a favor, because it's hard to keep secrets, it's hard to keep your mouth closed," Anthony noted. "We spend all day, everyday, doing this for like, the past couple years. So it's hard not to talk about what you spend all your time doing. It's a little bit of a mercy we give them by not giving them too much information."

Ruffalo and wife Sunrise Coigney walked the red carpet together on Monday, and told ET that their kids, son Keen, 17, and daughters Bella, 13, and Odette, 11, were also in attendance at the premiere to celebrate their dad's film -- the culmination of the MCU's 10 years and 22 films.

"I've been dying to see it," Ruffalo admitted of Endgame. "We had a chance to see it yesterday, but I held off because I want to see it with an audience, I want to be in that experience with you guys. Yeah, that's when it really means something."

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When asked if he was his kids' favorite Avenger, the actor demurred, admitting that his children are a little older now than when he started playing a superhero, and have recently favored Black Panther and Captain Marvel. However, Ruffalo sweetly conceded that his kids are just as concerned about the Hulk's fate as he and the rest of Marvel fans -- if only for the sake of job security. "They'll always love me," he said. "They're like, You're not getting fired are you, dad? This isn't the end is it, dad?"

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on Friday.