Mark Wahlberg Gets Makeup and Nails Done by His Daughter in Hilarious Home Quarantine Videos

mark wahlberg on jimmy kimmel live in feb 2020
Randy Holmes via Getty Images

The actor shared a series of adorable videos showing his 10-year-old daughter, Grace, giving him a makeover.

Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t still look your best -- and in Mark Wahlberg’s case, he’s going above and beyond his usual grooming routine!

The actor took to social media on Monday to share a series of adorable videos showing his 10-year-old daughter, Grace, giving him a makeover.

“Fifteen days into quarantine now, I’m getting pedicures, manicures and full makeup,” Wahlberg, 48, explained as the cutie was shown painting her dad’s nails -- one hand a pretty lilac color, while the other matched his peach hoodie.

The F45 Training guru and Wahlburgers restaurateur then continued to document the fun on his Instagram Stories. “I don’t know if you’re going to have a career at this,” a doubtful Wahlberg said as she did her final touches.

“I’m only good at makeup, so your makeup’s going to be on fleek,” Grace assured him.

At that, Wahlberg was confused. “On fleek? What’s fleek?”

Wahlberg’s nails could then be seen as he scrolled through Instagram, with his manicure post at the top of his feed.

“This is a hack job! Are you good at this? Have you ever done this before?” Wahlberg exclaimed after checking out his finished at-home manicure.

After Grace replied “No!” while giggling, the doting dad then allowed her to start on his face, first applying blush to his cheek.

Once again, he remained dubious. “What the heck are you doing?” he asked, before she cheekily responded, “I’m doing horrible makeup!”

The McMillions producer is yet to share a snap of his completed makeover.

Grace is the youngest of Wahlberg’s four children with his wife of 10 years, Rhea Durham. He also has a 16-year-old daughter, Ella, and two sons – Brendan, 11, and Michael, 14.

In 2017, Walhberg talked to ET about the worries he faces as a girl dad having to deal with guys coming into his daughters’ lives as they get older.

Referring to a young man coming over with his mom to the meet the family after taking a liking to Ella, Wahlberg admitted he was “overprotective.”

"Nobody is a good type or sort. For me, I'm super overprotective," he explained. "But he's just a very nice, young, smart boy who is very polite and well prepared."

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