'Married to Medicine's Anila Sajja on Robbery Rumors and Toya Bush-Harris Drama (Exclusive)

The reality star opened up to ET about the recent drama during day 1 of BravoCon 2022.

Trying to mend some fences! Married to Medicine's Anila Sajja is looking to move past the bad blood with Toya Bush-Harris.

Anila spoke with ET's Brice Sander at BravoCon 2022 at the Javits Center in New York City on Friday, and she opened up about trying to reach out to her co-star amid a particularly heated feud.

"I think I want to try to work on starting from, like, ground zero, with us. I would like that. But it's just going to really be baby steps," Anila shared. "I think both of us had a lot of things that we said and have kind of done to each other, and it's unfortunate where it's at right now. But hopefully, we can start over."

Toya spoke with ET about the drama late last month and said that Anila had reached out to try and talk over coffee and work on rebuilding. Toya declined the invitation.

"I am trying to [reach out] because I think there's a little bit of miscommunication and we haven't really talked about a lot of the things," Anila shared. "But I think I need more from her and more understanding. And I think she needs that from me. So I do think that we need a little coffee date."

The tension between the two reality stars has been brewing throughout the season, and has largely revolved around Anila allegedly spreading rumors about Toya's financial situation and her marriage. This culminated with a near-physical altercation at a holiday party hosted by co-star Quad Webb.

Shortly after that incident, Anila's home was broken into, and questions popped up within the group about whether Toya might've had anything to do with it, seeing as Anila and her friends had just come for Toya's marriage. Toya accused Anila of perpetuating the spread of those rumors and trying to sabotage her life.

Anila, however, denies that she accused Toya of orchestrating the robbery, but instead explained to ET, "I only went by facts."

"Now, I would never accuse her. Cause to this day I know she didn't do it. But I just don't know if she's ever heard about it, knew about something and that's it," Anila said. "But honestly, I really want to move past it"

"I'm sorry if she's thinking that I'm accusing her, 'cause I'm not. Ya know? It's not like that," Anila added.

As for rumors and speculation that, perhaps, Anila arranged the robbery herself for money or attention, the reality star shot that suggestion down in no uncertain terms.

"No. That's so crazy because we make money the old fashion way," she said. "I have a hair business, my husband's a full Oculofacial Surgeon, you know? So we don't take handouts, we don't steal. That's just not in our character."

"We just don't do anything like that and it's really sad that even our circle of friends would even insinuate that," she added.

Season 9 is quickly coming to an end, and Anila teased the upcoming reunion special in two words: "dramatic" and "intense."

"I think there's some friendships that will mend and some may not," she predicted of what may happen in the years to come. "So hopefully we will kind of work things out. I mean, I'm great with most of the girls."

Married to Medicine airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. Part 1 of the reunion airs Sun. Oct. 23.