Martinez Twins Take ET on a 'Day in the Life' as They Debut 'Asi Te Quiero Ver' Music Video (Exclusive)

Ivan and Emilio Martinez are walking ET through a day in their lives as global influencers.

Ivan and Emilio Martinez, aka the Martinez Twins, are walking ET through a day in their lives. 

The 22-year-old YouTube stars who hail from Spain and are now located in Los Angeles, first rose to fame when they joined Jake Paul's Team 10 group. Since leaving the influencer hub, their popularity has only grown. They have over 60 million followers across their social media platforms and are now looking to shake up the music industry.

The influencers recently let ET behind the scenes as they did a photo shoot for BadHombre Magazine. The stylish twins later got ready for the MTV MTV Millennial Awards (MIAW), where they ended up winning the Global Creator award.

The Martinez Twins are also exclusively premiering their new music with ET for "Asi Te Quiero Ver." Watch below:



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