'Master of None' to Return for Third Season, 4 Years After Season 2

The Aziz Ansari-led series is coming back to Netflix for a third season next month, four years after its season 2 debuted.

Master of None is returning to Netflix for a third season this May, four years after its season 2 debut. According to Netflix Que on Twitter, the much-delayed third season is part of next month's lineup.

"Here's just a taste of what's coming to Netflix (in The US) this May!" one of the streamer's accounts tweeted.

While the first season of the Golden Globe-winning series premiered in 2015, it wasn't until 2017 that the second season was released, with the break between seasons 2 and 3 being the biggest hiatus the show had taken.

The season is believed to be focusing on Lena Waithe’s character, Denise, per Variety. In 2017, Waithe and the show's co-creator and star, Aziz Ansari, won an Emmy for outstanding comedy writing for the season 2 episode “Thanksgiving,” which focused on her character’s struggles with her family. Master of None also won an Emmy for writing in its first season.

Fans are excited to say the least about the show's surprise, with many reacting on Twitter.

"We've done little to prepare for the third wave of master of none," one fan wrote, while another elated fan shared a TikTok meme along with their reaction, writing, "Master of none is coming back wtfffff."

"Me controlling my excitement for season 3 of “Master of None” dropping...," another excited user shared.

Fans were disappointed in 2017 when Ansari urged them to hold off on a third season, claiming his life had not progressed enough for him to write it.

"'What about season three?' Which is obviously a question people have to ask, but for me it's a little stress-inducing," the 38-year-old comedian confessed in an issue of GQ Style. "[Co-creator Alan Yang] once said it best: It's like we just gave birth to a kid and they're like, 'When are you gonna have another kid?'"

Ansari continued, "I just feel like I've said a lot. Especially if you look at it—instead of two seasons of a TV show—as, like, seven movies. I mean, those two seasons are really personal, and it's a lot of content, a lot of ideas. Now I need a minute to refill my notebook. My life has not progressed enough for me to write season three yet."

During the show's hiatus, Ansari was embroiled in a #MeToo accusation that had him step back from both the show and the comedy stage. In January 2018, an anonymous woman accused him of "aggressive" sexual behavior that left her feeling "violated." In a statement at the time, Ansari said their sexual activity "by all indications was completely consensual," and noted that he was "surprised and concerned" when she texted him afterwards that she felt uncomfortable. 

A year later, he reflected on the accusations during an intimate pop-up show in New York City at the Village Underground, where he said, via Vulture, "Ultimately I just felt terrible this person felt this way. But you know, after a year, how I feel about it is, I hope it was a step forward. It made me think about a lot, and I hope I’ve become a better person.