Matthew McConaughey Sports a Purple Thong in New 'Beach Bum' Trailer

Matthew McConaughey
Courtesy of Neon

Matthew McConaughey is embracing all things wild, weird and wonderful in the red band trailer for his new comedy, The Beach Bum.

First and foremost, it begins with his character, Moondog, accepting an award of some sort, where he is inspired to recite a poem to those in attendance in which he claims he will “one day swallow up the world” and that when he does, he hopes everyone on hand will “perish violently.”

What follows is a melange of Moondog’s Florida adventures with his pals including playing golf with Lewis (Jonah Hill), wearing a purple thong into a hot tub, partying with Lingerie (Snoop Dogg) and sharing a kiss with his wife, Minnie (Isla Fisher). Not to mention rampant drug use including Moondog smoking enormous blunts and Captain Wack (Martin Lawrence) feeding cocaine to his parrot.

However, despite his easy-breezy lifestyle, Moondog is chasing a dream — to write the next great American novel. McConaughey is shown hammering away at a typewriter all over the place. That is, when he isn’t out joyriding in boats with his pal, Flicker (Zac Efron).

But everything isn’t rosy for Moondog. He’s also shown getting escorted out of a lavish home that might not be his and standing before a judge who demands he cut out the “foolishness.”

“I’m trying to uncover my connection with the world,” Moondog explains in the trailer, as the lazy notes to “Crimson and Clover” play.

But the highlight of the trailer has to be Moondog playing a bongo drum as a snake slowly slithers by. One thing is certain: the leading man is going full McConaughey in this film.

The film is directed by Harmony Korine, who's best known for another subversive Florida adventure, Spring Breakers

The Beach Bum stumbles into theaters on March 29.

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