Matthew Morrison Responds to 'All the Haters' of His 'Grinch' Musical Performance

'Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Musical' premiered Wednesday night on NBC to mixed reviews.

Matthew Morrison has a message for those who are hating on his portrayal of the Grinch.

Following NBC's premiere of Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Musical Wednesday night, many took to Twitter to express their disappointment in the special, specifically calling out Morrison's performance.

"Matthew Morrison’s uncomfortably sexual Grinch is ruining my life guys," one wrote, with another tweeting, "My sleep paralysis demon is Matthew Morrison as the Grinch."

"Raise your hand if you’ve felt personally victimized by Matthew Morrison’s Grinch in the #GrinchMusical," a third viewer wrote, accompanying the tweet with a gif from Mean Girls.

After seeing some of the negative (but also kind of hilarious) reactions, Morrison hopped on Twitter to respond, simply writing, "To all the haters." He completed the tweet with a gif from the musical and three kissing face emojis.

While speaking to ET via Zoom last week, Morrison spoke about why he decided to take on the iconic role of the Grinch.

"This is the first time we're really seeing the Grinch in a musical, and I think it's fun because one of the big reasons I wanted to do this project was to bring theater to people that have been deprived of it for nine months now," Morrison said. "There's such a huge theater community out there -- and also the people that are on stage and not being able to do what they love to do -- so I really wanted to bring that to people who are kind of just missing out on it this year."

Morrison also addressed the early reactions to his reimagined version of the Grinch.

"My Grinch is kind of unlike any other Grinch I've seen," he explained. "I think they're all so different, which is beautiful, because this is one of those characters that I don't know if I'll get to play again. It's kind of 'anything goes,' you know. It's free to just be imaginative and to really just kind of let out your demons a little bit. I don't really live in that space very often so it was kind of fun to go there."

Hear more in the video below: