Maya Rudolph on Trying to Do Kamala Harris 'Proud' With 'SNL' Impression (Exclusive)

The actress teased her return as Harris on 'SNL's season 46 premiere.

Maya Rudolph considers it an "honor" to play Kamala Harris on Saturday Night Live. The actress has portrayed Harris since SNL's 45th season premiere last year, and she's hoping she'll get to continue to play her for years to come. 

"It's really such an honor to be involved in any presidential race, and this one is a real doozy. So it is really an honor," Rudolph told ET's Lauren Zima of playing the California senator and Democratic vice presidential nominee. 

"I got to meet her, and she is so fantastic. She is so incredible, she is so energizing and I just feel so good to be associated with someone so positive," she added. "I just want to do her proud -- just do a good job, no pressure!" 

Rudolph won an Emmy last week for her SNL impression of Harris, though she's still not convinced she's "nailed it." 

"I definitely tried to make her fun because I do feel that when I see her. You can tell she loves life and she is real and she is honest and she has no problem speaking her mind and being forthright about it, which I think is so important right now," the comedian shared. "But she is also so joyful and you see her dancing in the room and all this stuff. She is just a great human, and I forgot what it felt like to see that and to see something so positive. It feels so good to see her out there." 

"I am really hoping she is around for a long time," she continued. 

Rudolph teased that fans might see her reprise her role as Harris on SNL's upcoming season 46 premiere on Oct. 3. Chris Rock is set to host, while Megan Thee Stallion will serve as the night's musical guest. 

It'll be a big week for Rudolph, whose new movie, Hubie Halloween, debuts on Netflix on Oct. 7. The Halloween mystery comedy -- also starring Adam Sandler, Julie Bowen, Steve Buscemi, Tim Meadows and more -- sees a town's eccentric but devoted community volunteer in the midst of a murder investigation. 

"I love the chance to get to be with Tim. He makes me laugh and he is such a good human to get to share your time with," Rudolph said of the film. "I feel so incredibly lucky that when I go to work on something like this that I know I am going to have fun and be surrounded by the funniest people on earth, and such good people." 

"I love just the fact that we all get together, and it was like we caught up and talked about our kids and talked about what is going on in our lives," Meadows added. "It was all fun." 

Hubie Halloween premieres Oct. 7 on Netflix.