Megan Fox Says She Made a Pros and Cons List Before Dating Machine Gun Kelly

The actress admits that she had to do some heavy consideration before getting into a relationship with her new beau.

Megan Fox didn't just jump into her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly.

In a new interview with Who What Wear, the Till Death star admits that there was a bit of hesitation on her part before coupling up with the "Bloody Valentine" rocker. She reveals in the tell-all that she even made a pros and cons list before officially deciding to date MGK, real name Colson Baker. 

"When I met him, I knew instantly that this is a soul I’ve traveled with before, that this was a soul-mate connection, and that there was a purpose here," Fox, 35, explains. "There was my logical brain chiming and being like, 'This will never work for 101 reasons.'" 

Ultimately, Fox's pros list outweighed the cons, and the couple have been going strong ever since. The lovebirds took their relationship public back in June after they were spotted out and about in Los Angeles together.

Despite Fox's initial hesitation, MGK always had a crush on the actress, dating all the way back to high school, in fact. In a recent profile for GQ, one of the magazine's writers, Wesley Lowery (who was one of MGK's childhood friends), revealed that the musician got the Decepticons logo from Transformers tattooed on his arm, and even hung a poster of Fox up in his bedroom. Lowery added that "at least one classmate recalls [MGK] vowing he’d marry her one day."

"It was the GQ poster, right?" MGK asked Fox, who was around during his virtual interview with Lowery. "It was from her GQ shoot. So that’s some full-circle s**t."

The "Forget Me Too" singer told the magazine that he's found happiness and himself since, landing a partner in Fox. He admitted that prior to meeting her, he was shuffling through a set of personas that never quite fit.

"I still was trying to be somebody else, and now I’m kind of like, 'I’ve found who I am,'" he said. "It took me having a partner to realize that who I am on the red carpet is also who I am in the house now."

For more on the couple, watch the video below.



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