Megan Thee Stallion Raps About Getting Shot in New Freestyle

Megan Thee Stallion performs on the red carpet during the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards
Noam Galai/Getty Images for MTV

The 'Savage' rapper went public with accusations against Tory Lanez earlier this month.

Megan Thee Stallion is finding inspiration in a painful situation.

A day after winning her second MTV Video Music Award -- taking home Best Hip-Hop Video for her breakout hit, "Savage" -- the rapper took to Instagram to share a brand new freestyle verse, which makes reference to her alleged violent assault last month, in which Megan said she was shot by fellow rapper Tory Lanez.

"Tic-tac-toe, I’m gonna X this b**ch / if a hit dog holler, I address that sh*t," Megan begins the new freestyle verse, over a beat by producer Max Julian, later addressing the shooting: "Got shot two times and I ate that sh*t / bounced right back with a Revlon deal."

The "WAP" rapper took to Instagram earlier this month to definitively claim that Lanez was the person who shot her on the morning of July 12, sharing since-deleted photos of her injured foot along with a video of her account of that evening's events.

In a candid clip on social media, Megan explained that she didn't want to go public with the claims, but alleged that Lanez and his camp had been trying to spread rumors about her to cast doubt on her and protect his reputation. Therefore, she said, she felt compelled to set the record straight.

“Yes, this n***a Tory shot me," Megan claimed. "You shot me. And you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs, lying and s**t. Stop lying!"

According to Megan's recollection of the night, she and Lanez -- along with one of her friends and a member of Lanez' security personnel -- were in a car, driving to her house. Megan alleges that an argument broke out, and she left the car in anger.

Megan claimed Lanez shot her from the window of the car, where he was riding in the back seat. She also admitted that she initially withheld the information about the gun from police and from hospital staff.

"Stop trying to come on the internet and act like a Black woman, a grown a** Black woman, has a reason to lie on another Black man," Megan said in the video. "Even though he shot me, I tried to spare him. I go through so much s**t on a daily basis anyway."

A rep for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office told ET at the time that they were reviewing a potential charge of felony assault with a firearm against Lanez -- real name: Daystar Peterson -- in the case of Megan's shooting. On July 24, the DA's office asked LAPD for further investigation before making a filing decision.

That's far from the only thing that's happened to Megan this summer. The rapper recently returned to the stage -- honoring victims of police brutality during an epic virtual concert -- and is currently sitting atop the charts with her Cardi B collab, "WAP," which has already become one of 2020's biggest hits in the weeks following its release. The risque track has even made history, as the first female rap collab to debut at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100.

See more on Megan's wild rise to the top over the last year in the video below.