Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Son Archie Brings More Taurus Energy to the Royal Family

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry
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The royal baby came just in time for Taurus season! 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor on Monday. But how do the stars align for the couple and their royal baby? 

Little Archie is an astrological Taurus, which directly matches him with his Taurean great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and his cousins, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte. As an earth sign, Archie is also connected to Prince Harry and his maternal grandmother, Doria Ragland, both of whom are Virgos.

Besides his royal relatives, Archie is in good company with other well-known Taureans including Adele, Janet Jackson, David Beckham, Dwayne Johnson, and his birthday twin, George Clooney. 

Taureans born before May 15 differ from later May Taureans, as well as those in April. Each sign born on, or near, the cusp of a zodiac sign holds the energy from the month that leads that particular sign. For example, an April Taurus has fire sign energy from being born in the month ruled by Aries and tend to enjoy things fire-related, regardless of the astrological placements in their birth charts. This is one of the reasons why people of the same sign, or even born on the same day, don’t always act alike.

Meghan, born on Aug. 4, is a Leo, while Harry, born on Sept. 15, is a Virgo. Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in different stages of their respective zodiac signs they have to work at staying in sync, much like other couples. On the plus side, Virgo and Leo tend to fall in love because it’s easy to build a genuine friendship between them, making for a solid romantic partnership, especially in regard to earning money and building a legacy or a brand together. Earth and fire signs tend to be mutually intrigued by each other even though fire has the power to burn earth, which means the Virgo may want to proceed with caution so as to not get torched. On the contrary, a fire sign can inspire an earth sign to push forward and find their passion. Meanwhile, Virgo’s judgmental and sometimes overcritical nature might irritate a Leo at times, but can also keep them grounded. 

Meghan Markle Prince Harry

Numerically speaking, Meghan is a four whereas Harry is a six. People born on the fourth of any month care a lot about family and being in a pair, since their birth number is a multiple of two. As a four and a fire sign, Meghan is a dependable, passionate headstrong Leo who loves hard and takes pride in her ability to be a rock of sorts for family and friends. Prince Harry is in the third phase of Virgo and enjoys change because of the prominent five in his birth date. He's comfortable traveling a lot and can take on various tasks without showing that he's overwhelmed. As a six, Harry comes with diplomatic, harmonious energy and a need to help others, which works well with his royal duties. He also enjoys having a creative outlet to express himself (this is likely a hobby or something that the public may not know about). Despite being one of the world’s most popular royals, due to the one in his birth date, Prince Harry may have felt lonely more often than not. 

As a four, Meghan may often feel more solid in her decisions and disposition, regardless of what may be happening around her. For this reason, Prince Harry sees Meghan as his support system. 

When they're on good terms, earth and fire signs have a natural tag team vibe about them and like to spoil and support each other. Virgos and Leos can be mutually generous when they’re in love. Leos also tend to move fast in relationships, while Virgos take titles very seriously and are not always quick to hand them out because they have specific expectations once a title is introduced into a relationship.  

If Baby Archie was born on April 28 he would have been a numeric middle ground between both parents. Because he was born on May 6, the royal baby is numerically matched with his Virgo father, who is also a six in numerology. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Debut Baby Sussex

When properly supported, Taureans are loyal, fast learners and easily led, even though they have a reputation for being stubborn. As a fire sign, Meghan is more likely to break protocol and blaze her own trail. Prince Harry, being an earth sign, makes him perfect for the monarchy because it’s easier for a Virgo to uphold public reputations and expectations. Virgos like to make sure that things look good and Harry’s ability to keep up appearances is a big part of his charm, whereas fire, air and water signs are harder to keep in line when it comes to following established rules. Archie will fall somewhere in the middle of keeping up traditions, but will also have the ability to lead if necessary, somewhat similar to his great-grandmother, although Queen Elizabeth is a more staunch version of the zodiac sign because she's born in April and has fire sign energy that may clash with Meghan from time to time.

Meghan’s mother is a late September Virgo on the edge Libra, which has a lot to do with why she's drawn to Prince Harry, and anyone born in September. Meghan and her mother are both numeric fours and tend to have similar views on family. Additionally, Doria and Harry are in the same phase of Virgo and therefore have more similarities than they may realize.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with ARchie
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For Meghan and Harry, Archie brings harmony, balance and focus to their household and relationship. Meghan will enjoy a feeling of calm wash over her when nesting with her baby boy, but that doesn't mean that he won't test boundaries as he gets older. Meghan and Harry will find that their Taurean son will grow up to be a curious and humorous child, likely getting into things, analyzing and taking them apart to see how they work. Because they are numerically in sync and have an astrological alignment, Harry and Archie will be like two peas in a pod. Meghan may even see them as such, but they'll also look to her fire sign energy for warmth and love. 

There’s probably no better number for Harry to start a family with than a person who is a four (born on the fourth, 13th, or 22nd of any month) or an eight, because it is a multiple four. Given Harry and Meghan's birth dates, it’ll be easy to build a life away from the palace, if they so choose. And as long as Archie is around, Meghan and Harry will always feel a sense of home.



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