Meghan Markle Hilariously Fails a British Quiz: Watch!

Getty Images

Someone has some studying to do!


As she prepares to get U.K. citizenship and join the British royal family, an old video has surfaced of Meghan Markle taking a quiz on all things England-related -- and failing miserably.

In the hilarious video, which was filmed to promote Suits airing on U.K. network Dave, the 36-year-old beauty faces questions about everything from names of places to types of beer.

The actress gets more than half the questions wrong and is particularly clueless when it comes to naming the national animals of various countries.

“Am I supposed to know that?” she says, looking at the cameraperson before learning the lion represents England.

Markle then giggles in disbelief after discovering the national animal of Scotland is a unicorn. “We’re all moving to Scotland!” she declares.

When it came to Wales, Markle’s priceless confusion is amplified. “Are these real right now?” she questions. “It’s a dragon.”

The actress, who announced her engagement to Prince Harry on Monday, then shows her girly side by lighting up at the British term for “sidewalk,” because it sounds romantic.

“Sidewalk is the 'path.' That actually sounds really romantic. Like, ‘Take a little stroll down the path,’” she says, beaming.

As for whether she prefers Vegemite or Marmite, Markle is quick to answer Vegemite, which is sadly the wrong answer.

Check out the full quiz below.