Melissa Gorga Says Teresa Giudice Drew a 'Line in the Sand' When She Did Not Pick Her as a Bridesmaid

Gorga has shared her point of view when it comes to the debacle over not being Giudice's bridesmaid.

Melissa Gorga is calling it like she sees it. 

During a new appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star shared her point of view when it came to sister-in-law Teresa Giudice not asking her to be a bridesmaid in her 2022 wedding to Luis Ruelas. 

"You said at the last reunion you and Teresa should admit you don’t have a relationship," host Andy Cohen told Gorga, reading a fan's question. "If so, why would you expect to be a bridesmaid given your tumultuous past and non-existent relationship?"

Clarified Gorga, "I didn’t expect to. I just thought it was a little strange when she was putting other sister-in-laws in the wedding. I never fought with her on it. You’ve never seen me argue with her."

Still, for the mom of three, it was a strong indication of where they stand with each other. "I just said, all right, you really drew the line in the sand now, too, like, you're showing our kids that we’re really not a family if you can’t even fake it for a wedding type of thing."

Added Gorga, "If you just put half your sister-in-laws of this new family you met and leave me out, who, I've been around for the last 20 years -- it's just drawing a line."

As fans may recall, Gorga found out she was not going to be a bridesmaid from TV after Giudice confirmed it during her own appearance on Watch What Happens Live back in March 2022. 

"I pretty much assumed that," Gorga later said on her On Display podcast, "but I guess my big question is, you know, are her new sister-in-laws in the wedding? Is it like a no-fam wedding other than the four daughters-- her four beautiful daughters and, like, a couple of her friends? And if that's the case, then I think that makes perfect sense."

She continued, "I mean, if she's having Louie's sisters, well, you know, then I guess that makes perfect sense for Teresa, so I don't know. I wish her nothing but happiness. I'm very happy that she's happy. I love to see her smile when she's with Louie, so whatever she decides, it's her wedding and I will be fine with it. I just, you know, I don't know. She'd probably put me in an ugly dress anyway. Just kidding. I'm just kidding, but for real. No, just kidding. No seriously though."

She and husband Joe Gorga ultimately did not attend Giudice's wedding after filming the season 13 finale, but have not disclosed the exact reason why.