'Melrose Place' Cast Members to Reunite on 'Fantasy Island' Reboot (Exclusive)

Laura Leighton, Josie Bissett and Daphne Zuniga will come together for an episode of 'Fantasy Island.'

Melrose Place cast members are reuniting on Fantasy Island! Laura Leighton, Josie Bissett and Daphne Zuniga will come together for Fox's Fantasy Island reboot, ET can exclusively reveal.

The episode, which will air in September, is titled "The Big Five Oh" and sees old friends Nettie (Leighton), Camille (Bissett) and Margot (Zuniga) come to the Island to celebrate their 50th birthdays -- but their fantasies expose fault lines in their friendship.

The actresses are all smiles in ET's exclusive photo from set, nearly 30 years after Melrose Place first premiered in 1992. 

Bellamy Young will also guest star on another episode of the Fantasy Island reboot. While guest co-hosting Thursday's ET from the Baha Mar resort, the actress expressed her excitement over the new series. 

"The new Fantasy Island has been imagined, first of all, to include more stories," she said. "[It's] a very specific lens on the old Fantasy Island but also it's a little bit sexier, it's a little bit darker, it's got a little bit broader set of rules." 

Fantasy Island premieres Aug. 10 on Fox. 


In a 2019 interview with ET, Zuniga opened up about the possibility of a Melrose Place reunion series, a la BH90210.

"I would never say no to good material if it were good, right?" she shared. "I'm curious to see how this [new] 90210 comes out. I'm still in touch with some of the actors [from Melrose Place] and we enjoy other's company. I would totally be open to that. I still talk with Laura Leighton, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Grant [Show], so we'd have to see who and what the stories were. But yeah, I'd be open to it."

While Fantasy Island offers fans the opportunity to see cast members acting alongside each other once again, the cast also had a virtual reunion last year for the Actors Fund. 

"Of course, we remained in touch over the years, but we recently reconnected and it's been so great to have these friends that we had in our early 20s," Leighton told ET last April. "So much has happened with our careers and our lives, but we kept in touch and it's been great to have reasons to get together and do all of the catching up that we need to do. It's nice to go down memory lane."

"For me it was a long-term family," Zuniga reflected about her time on the series. "I remember just being there and the familiarity. Riding motorcycles on the weekend with each other, and I think we used to do Pilates with Laura. I just remember the family part of it, which was really great, and it was a time where we did not have phones. I think we would go to the mall in in-between hours."

See more in the video below. 

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