Met Gala 2019: All the Details on the Best Beauty Looks (Exclusive)

Emily Blunt Met Gala
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ET spoke with the creative masterminds behind the best hair and makeup looks on Monday's Met Ball red carpet.

Celebs did not disappoint with their glam at the 2019 Met Gala

To complement their "Camp"-themed outfits, stars such as Emily Blunt, Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne went all out on the hair and makeup front. 

The creative masterminds behind the gorgeous glams spoke with ET about the process and how you can recreate the looks yourself. 

Emily Blunt

Jenna Jones

"Hairstylist Laini Reeves and I went through a lot of images, exchanging ideas. We talked a lot about Studio 54, David Bowie and even Steve Strange," makeup artist Jenn Streicher exclusively told ET. "We usually like to have some kind of references before we see Emily. I love to spend time on Pinterest!" 

"We saw pictures of the dress a week or so before. I had sent Emily a handful of images of looks that I liked, so she can tell me what she's feeling into," she continued. "We all work together on deciding the look and it usually isn't made until right before we execute it.  And sometimes it even changes as we go along." 

"We all have been working together for so long, so it's always fun!" Streicher dished about the getting-ready process. "She plays her favorite music, Jenna (our photographer) brought Magnolia cupcakes and we really just chat and catch up the whole time. Towards the end, Michael Kors came in and that was a whole lotta fun!"

Jenna Jones

Full beauty breakdown: To prep Blunt's skin, Streicher used the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Dual Cleanser, followed by moisturizing with Charlotte’s Magic Cream and Magic Eye Rescue. She primed her face with the Youthglow Primer before mixing Light Wonder Foundation with Hollywood Flawless Finish for the base. To sculpt, Streicher layered the bronzer shades from Filmstar Bronze & Glow and Glowgasm Face Palette on the hollows of the cheeks. For a lit-from-within glow she tapped the Glowgasm Beauty Light Wand in Pinkgasm on top of the cheekbones and swished on the Glow It and Pop It shades from the Glowgasm Face Palette on the apples of the cheeks. 

Next, the eyes! Streicher patted the Glowgasm Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow in Rose Gold all over Blunt's lid and lower lash line. She also applied the Pop It shade from the Glowgasm Face Palette underneath the brow bone. For the golden eye look, the makeup artist layered the rose gold sparkle shades from both Glowgasm Dreamgasm and Pillow Talk Luxury Palettes onto the lids. On the crease and outer lid, she blended the warm copper bronze shade from the Glowgasm Dreamgasm Luxury Palette and applied the Date Look shade from the Icon Palette around the eye socket before coating the lashes with the Full Fat Lashes mascara. 

On the lips, Streicher swiped on Latex Love in Cannes Tropez, followed by the Glowgasm Collagen Lip Bath in Peachy Plump. For a touch of glitter, she dabbed the Date Look shade from the Icon Palette onto the center of the lips. To finish off, she lightly dusted the Airbrush Flawless Finish powder on the nose and applied Supermodel Body onto her neck, chest and décolletage for a sun-kissed result. 

Cara Delevingne

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"Camp is about not taking everything so seriously. We embraced that by giving Cara a look that is playful, over-the-top, elevated and creative," Delevingne's hair stylist, Mara Roszak, exclusively shared with ET. "There's something great about styles that are so wrong, that they're almost right! I was really lucky because I was there for the original fitting. I got to hear from Cara what she was thinking and was able to throw some ideas her way. She loves the collaboration process and together we decided to really go all out for it. Cara really enjoys the whole process, which makes it so fun."

"Getting ready for the Met is madness," she continued, "but it's so exciting and creative. Everyone is really in their element and just going for it. People pull out the weirdest tips and tricks. Who would've thought that Met Gala prep would involve bananas [for a headpiece]? It involves packing everything you have under the kitchen sink and pairing things that don't go together. The crazier, the better!"

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Full beauty breakdown: "Begin by applying a dollop of the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Blow Dry Balm to damp hair. After blow-drying, pull hair into a very high, tight ponytail. Spray the TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hold Level 2: Smooth Hair Spray into a brush and slick back the hair to tame flyaways and hold the pony in place," Roszak shared. "Use a 1-½ inch curling iron to curl the pony. Brush out curls gently with a stock brush. Finish the look by applying the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum to the ends of the hair for a boost of shine."

Gabrielle Union

Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic

"When I saw Gabrielle's outfit, I had three specific sources for inspiration -- Grace Jones, Diana Ross and Donna Summer," revealed makeup artist Fiona Stiles, who also worked her magic on Lily Collins Monday night. "As we got closer and I saw the Peter Dundas dress on her, we thought Eartha Kitt, '60s diva, beautiful. With a strong brow, but a little thinner for more eyelid, [plus a] neutral lip, and magenta blush as a nod to Grace Jones. We shared pictures back and forth with her stylist, Thomas Christos Kikis. We stopped by a hotel yesterday [morning], threw a look on Gabrielle and sent references back and forth [again]. We landed on the vibe we wanted, and Gabrielle confirmed it."

So, what's the secret to getting Union's flawless look? "Make sure to always start with fresh, clean skin. I like AVYA Gentle Cleanser, because it's made with high-impact natural ingredients (turmeric, neem and peony) and works extremely well for everyone, but especially those with melanin-rich skin," Stiles said. "How you prep the skin makes a big difference in how makeup sits on the skin and how it lasts through the night. We first cleansed away any dirt, oil and buildup from the day with that cleanser, then I applied the AVYA Eye Bright Cream under and around her eyes before I started setting up, so the ingredients had had time to sink into the skin and work their magic (the caffeine in it helps to really wake up the eye area)."

Courtesy of Fiona Stiles

"Next, I applied the AVYA Anti-Aging Power Serum to her face and neck because it's made with vitamin C and gives the complexion a boost of brightening," she added. "The next layer for skin care was the AVYA Day Moisturizer and I love this formula because it works really well for melanated skin tones and targets melanin to look and feel its best. Then I applied her foundation."

Full beauty breakdown: After prepping Union's skin, Stiles then used the Fenty Pro Filt'r Foundation in 420 & 430. "Under the eye, I dabbed on a bit of the Fenty Pro Filt'r Concealer in 360 under her eyes to brighten the area and then set the face with the Fenty Loose Setting Powder in 'hazelnut' and 'coffee,' creating depth and dimension on the face," she explained. "For contour, I used the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate in 'Intensity 3' and then used the Clinique Cheek Pop in 'cola pop' to give her a gorgeous vibrant Studio 54 style blush."

"I added a bit of drama to her brows with the Lancome Sourcil Gel in Noir and then used the radiant mousse shadow in 'chocolate diamond' and '24k gold' from Dome Beauty on the lids and lined the eyes with the Dome Beauty Black Gel Eyeliner in 'Blackout,'" she added. "I glued a rhinestone on the outer corner of her eye for a bit of extra glamour and sparkle. A few false lashes and lashings of Dome Beauty Black Magic Magnetic Mascara in 'Black Magic' finished off the eyes. The lips were Tom Ford 'bare.'"

Rita Ora

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

"This is my sixth Met Gala working with Rita, so I know her well!" MUA Kathy Jeung exclusively told ET. "Once I see the dress (usually the week before the gala) I create a mood board, grab references, etc. This year we always knew we wanted to create something reminiscent of the golden era of Hollywood. However, details always change leading up to the event and even day-of. Because of that, I always make sure to come prepared with a wide array of makeup. This year, I had a full Set of Nanacoco Professional to complete the look."

"I love the collaboration Rita and I always have and the rest of her glam team, too. To ensure all pieces of the look work, us as a team have to collaborate (hair, nails, makeup, stylist) and that's something that I love," she continued. "It's so great to have everyone's input and work as a team. I love everyone’s point of view, especially Rita. She has such a strong eye and such great ideas."

Full beauty breakdown: "My inspiration for the look was Rita's gold sequined dress by Marc Jacobs Couture. It inspired me to give Rita a 1930s screen goddess look: thin eyebrows, deep contours on the eyes with metallic shimmer on eyelids, satin finish bronzed skin, lips lightly lined with a shimmery nude gloss," Jeung explained. "The eyebrow was the biggest focal point and most striking of the look. It was important to have two things -- bleach and a micro-thin eyebrow pencil, like the Nanacoco Browstylers Micro Pencil in Dark Brown. Also it was important to have a lot of dramatic lines on the face (not just the brows). Contour was big during the '20s and '30s. To achieve that I relied on the Nanacoco Contouring & Strobing Palette in Medium. At the last minute, I added a dramatic outline to her lips using the Nanacoco Outlast Lip Liner in Burgundy for a more dramatic, defined shape. I also applied a bit more body lotion."

Lily Collins 

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"When I saw Lily’s Giambattista Valli Couture Gown and her Cartier jewelry, I instantly thought wedding. Because of the ruffles and Moire silk fabric, my mind went to two of my favorite beauties: Sharon Tate and Priscilla Presley. I wanted to do an exaggerated version of their wedding hairstyles to fit the theme of Camp," hairstylist Gregory Russell exclusively told ET.

"Lily is so incredibly collaborative. She is so open to me and Fiona’s (her makeup artist) ideas," he added. "Of course we select our favorites together and develop mood boards ahead of time to align with her styling team as well." 

Full beauty breakdown: "Starting with damp hair, I used a golf ball size amount of Marc Anthony True Professional Dream Big Volume Thickening 7-in-1 Foam and applied it from root to end," Russell detailed. "Next, I added Marc Anthony True Professional Dream Big Volume Perfectly Full Thickening Cream through the lengths of her hair and then blow-dried it with a large round brush to create volume at the root. Once her hair was fully dry, I curled it using a 1.25” curling iron and sprayed each section with Marc Anthony True Professional Dream Big Volume Thick & Full Hairspray."

"Once her hair cooled, I brushed out the pinned curls with a multi bristle brush. I then sectioned out the crown of her hair and added Marc Anthony True Professional Dream Big Volume Volumizing Super Powder to her roots before teasing to provide grip to the base of the tease. Once I reached the desired height, I sprayed the teased roots and lengths with Marc Anthony True Professional Dream Big Volume Thick & Full Hairspray to lock-in and hold. Then, I brushed back the front section of her hair and added in the headband. To finish things off, I brushed the front section of hair over the teased area gently and sprayed with Marc Anthony True Professional Dream Big Volume Thick & Full Hairspray. The finishing touch? I adorned the hair with vintage millinery flowers at random through the crown and around the headband." 

Ezra Miller 

Photo by Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic

"Ezra interpreted the theme 'camp' as being the transformations that we as individuals experience throughout our lives," makeup artist Mimi Choi explained exclusively to ET. "The depth and layers of a person were represented by the multiple eyes painted on Ezra's face, which were hidden beneath an exterior mask but was ultimately revealed on the red carpet. Prior to the event, Ezra and I had an in-depth conversation about what we wanted to achieve together and it turned out that our visions were aligned as we both had one of my past illusions in mind -- a kaleidoscope look. We worked together and made minor adjustments throughout the process to complete the look which he completely rocked!" 

"We started at 4 a.m. and the look took about five hours, which included making small changes throughout the process," Choi said. "I stayed throughout the day and into the evening for touch-ups, however, to keep the look fresh." 

"The key to realism is picking up on the subtle colors, shades and highlights to give depth," she continued. "For example, with eyes, I use shades of pink and gray within the whites to prevent it from looking flat. I also like to use false lashes as they provide shadows on the face and are visible from all angles." 

Full beauty breakdown: "The first step to any of my looks is to prep the skin well with primer before foundation. I made sure that the skin was thoroughly powered before I applied any of the painted eyes. I used an image of one of my past looks (kaleidoscope eye) as reference as that was the look that Ezra had requested. We agreed that it was best not to follow that look exactly as we have very different face shapes and bone structure. My aim was to create something unique for Ezra's face. I started the actual illusion by painting two full eyes and eyebrows on his forehead using the Mimi Illusion Palette by Mehron. I then painted a single eye in the center of his forehead and decided to draw two brows above it to give it a trippier effect. Next, I painted two more eyes and partial brows below his actual eyes." 

Choi also used Kryolan Aquacolors and Eyeshadows, Make Up For Ever Artist Color Pencils, MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo and false lashes by Velour and House of Lashes. 

Catch up on all the must-see looks from the 2019 Met Gala in the gallery below: